.|  BES Library In Zotero
BES Library In Zotero
As part of our effort to increase science based decision making, we have developed an on-line library of BES related publications for use by City and County partners, government agencies, NGOs, community groups, and educators. This private library has been created using Zotero.
Zotero is free and easy-to-use. The BES Library in Zotero contains bibliographic references such as journal articles about BES urban research. This library may contain citations, abstracts and links to copies of articles that are not currently publicly available.
Items appear in the center column. The metadata for a selected item is in the right column—including titles, creators, publishers, dates, and other data.
To join the BES Zotero Library or if you are seeking a copy of a paper that is not attached to the citation listing, please contact the project at BESinfo@caryinstitute.org.
If you are seeking a copy of a particular paper that is not attached to the citation listing please contact BES Project Coordinator Maribeth Rubenstein at BESinfo@caryinstitute.org