.|  Education Research Projects
  1. Teacher Research: understanding the knowledge, skills and practices needed for fostering environmental science literacy
  2. Student Research: Learning progressions for students’ environmental science literacy
BES education research has been addressing questions across a range of scales over our 16 years of education work in the metropolis, including:
  1. How do students learn about their city as an ecosystem as a component of their environmental science literacy?
  2. How do students apply their environmental science literacy as citizens in a local-to-global context?
  3. What knowledge, skills and dispositions do teachers need in order to foster environmental learning and citizenship among their students?
  4. What professional development programs and resources support teachers in effective environmental science teaching?
  5. How does the broader knowledge and information network in Baltimore function to support dissemination and application of ecosystem knowledge to policy and decision making?

Common to all of these studies is a belief in the vital role played by a dynamic interplay between knowledge and action. Student thinking is coalesced as they seek to apply ecological knowledge to real environmental problems in their neighborhoods and they then learn more from the results of their actions. Since its inception, our education research has sought to fill surprising gaps in knowledge about ecology teaching and learning in and about urban areas.
The third phase of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES III) builds on this platform with a new focus on both understanding and fostering the role of education – via schools and information networks – as a key facet of the metropolis’s capacity to adapt to global change and rising societal interest in sustainability. For information about current BES education programs and resources, go to: http://beslter.org/frame5-stuff.html. For more information, contact:
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Bess Caplan
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