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Outfall of the Gwynns Falls in Baltimore
BES brings together more than 45 researchers, educators, and community specialists from Baltimore and beyond, and coordinates the activities of members from not-for-profit research institutions, universities, federal agencies, local jurisdictions, and non-governmental organizations to answer the question: What are the effects of adaptive processes aimed at sustainability in the Baltimore socio-ecological system? In other words, how do emerging policies aimed at improving environmental, economic, and social functioning actually affect the biological and social processes and conditions in the Baltimore region?
The third phase of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES III), Long-Term Ecological Research project will span from 2010 to 2016. It builds on 13 years of experience in establishing and refining a platform for integrated urban ecological and social research, education, and outreach. BES III takes advantage of the growing shift of urban areas toward sustainability policies, and the need to scientifically understand and evaluate the adaptive processes and strategies proposed to promote urban sustainability.