Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2017 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Section 1: Presentations

A social-ecological-technical systems approach to modeling future scenarios of heat and heat vulnerability in New York City    McPhearson, Timon    Co-Authors: Carson Famer, Khila Dahal, Yaella Depietri, Zoé Hamstead, Jaskirat Randhawa, Daniel Sauter   Text of Abstract

Analysis of suspended sediment concentrations and yields across spatial and temporal scales in nested urban watersheds    Kemper, John T.    Co-Authors: John T. Kemper, Andrew J. Miller, Claire Welty   Text of Abstract

Baltimore's place in the American Residential Macrosystem    Groffman, Peter    Co-Authors: J. Morgan Grove Dexter Locke Neil Bettez Jennifer Morse   Text of Abstract

Comp Hydro Baltimore -An Innovative Approach to Addressing Surface Water System Learning in Baltimore    Caplan, Bess    Co-Authors: Ms. Bess Caplan, Dr. Alan R. Berkowitz   Text of Abstract

Form, Function, and the Design of Sustainable Landscapes    Schwartz, Stu    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Infusing BES science into Baltimore City Public Schools through the Integrating Chemistry and Earth Science (ICE) project.    Berkowitz, Alan    Co-Authors: Alan R. Berkowitz, Cary Institute, Bess Caplan, Cary Institute, Josh Gabrielse, Baltimore City Public Schools, Jonathan Grooms, George Washington University   Text of Abstract

Initial results from a long-term stream metabolism monitoring network across Baltimore    Reisinger, AJ    Co-Authors: Emma J. Rosi Peter M. Groffman   Text of Abstract

Investigating Predictors of Bat Community Composition in Baltimore    Carpenter, Ela-Sita    Co-Authors: Charles H. Nilon   Text of Abstract

Land conservation for open space: Spatial spillovers and the impact of neighbors    Wang, Haoluan    Co-Authors: David A. Newburn, University of Maryland at College Park   Text of Abstract

Land cover signatures in urban systems: integrating social and ecological processes    Cadenasso, Mary    Co-Authors: Steward T.A. Pickett   Text of Abstract

Lessons from Another LTER: Habitat Design Restores Habitat Quality from the Ground Up    Hawn, Christine    Co-Authors: Nick Haddad, John Herrmann   Text of Abstract

Linking community assembly processes and patterns in experimental urban vacant lot habitats    Borowy, Dorothy    Co-Authors: Chris Swan   Text of Abstract

Measuring Baltimore’s Urban Heat Island    Scott, Anna    Co-Authors: Darryn Waugh, Ben Zaitchik   Text of Abstract

Monitoring urban stream restoration efforts in relation to flood behavior along Minebank Run, Towson, MD    Lee, Gina    Co-Authors: Andrew J. Miller, UMBC   Text of Abstract

Mosquito blood meal hosts reflect a complex urban landscape.    LaDeau, Shannon    Co-Authors: Heather Goodman, Dina Fonseca, Andrea Egizi, Paul Leisnham   Text of Abstract

Overview of Workshop on TMDL’s for Toxic Compounds in the Baltimore Region, August 3, 2017    Shedlock, Robert    Co-Authors: Robert J. Shedlock, Steve Stewart, Emily H. Majcher, Robert M. Summers, Leonard Schugam, and Michael Galvin   Text of Abstract

Price based policies for managing residential development and impacts on water quality    Newburn, David    Co-Authors: Doug Wrenn, Allen Klaiber   Text of Abstract

Project Birdland: A Collaborative Platform to Explore Action-Based Research Methods in Urban Socio-Ecological Systems    Hametz, Isaac    Co-Authors: Isaac Hametz, Dr. Christine Brodsky, Bess Caplan   Text of Abstract

Seasonal analysis of contaminants of emerging concern in the Gwynns Falls watershed    Blaney, Lee    Co-Authors: Ke He, Ethan Hain, Lee Blaney   Text of Abstract

Soil biodiversity in West Baltimore vacant lots    Szlavecz, Katalin    Co-Authors: H. Setälä, J. Kotze, I. Yesilonis, A. Dec, C. Cayon, C.-H. Chang, C. Swan   Text of Abstract

The Baltimore Ecosystem Study Telephone Survey: A Primer    Locke, Dexter    Co-Authors: J. Morgan Grove, Abigail York   Text of Abstract

The Influence of Climate and Socio-Ecological Factors on Ae. albopictus in Northeastern US cities.    Little, Eliza    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

The Influence of Gray and Green Infrastructure on Water Quality Change in the Gwynns Falls Watershed, Baltimore, Maryland    Majcher, Emily    Co-Authors: Emily H. Majcher, Ellen Woytowitz, Alexander J. Reisinger, Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

Trash Forest vs. Treasure studying Baltimore's Forest Patches    Lautar, Katherine    Co-Authors: Ian Yesilonis, Matt Baker, Nels Schumacher, James Hughes, Laura Templeton, Alyssa Wellman Houde   Text of Abstract

What are the independent and interactive roles of consumer dispersal and environmental constraints on ecosystem function in experimental ponds?    Voelker, Nicole    Co-Authors: Nicole Voelker Christopher M. Swan   Text of Abstract

Section 2: Posters

Air quality sensors for educational studies and community based atmospheric monitoring
Hom, John
Co-Authors: John Hom, Steve Roberts, and Matthew Patterson   Text of Abstract

BRANCHES Baltimore Ecosystem Study – Young Environmental Scientists (BES-YES)
Caplan, Bess
Co-Authors: Daija Burroughs, Duane Carver, David Coyle, Chrischand Lewis, Daniel Poblete, Corey Scott, Ellison Warmath, Dr. Chris Swan, Bess Caplan   Text of Abstract

Conversion of forest soils to lawns increases soil CO2 efflux
Rosier, Carl
Co-Authors: Carl L. Rosier, Joseph Barba, Matthew Patterson, Tara L. E. Trammell, Rodrigo Vargas and John Hom   Text of Abstract

Declines in methane uptake in forest soils in the northeastern United States
Ni, Xiangyin
Co-Authors: Xiangyin Ni and Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

Developing an Urban Nitrogen Footprint Calculator for the Baltimore Area
Milo, Elizabeth
Co-Authors: Elizabeth S Milo, James N Galloway, Lawrence E Band, Peter M Groffman   Text of Abstract

Envisioning a Community Space in Curtis Bay: Analyzing well-being and social trust at The Well
Thomas, Tissa
Co-Authors: Tissa J. Thomas   Text of Abstract

Land-use and land cover of Baltimore City in 1927
Lagrosa, John
Co-Authors: John J. Lagrosa IV J. Morgan Grove Nancy Falxa Sonti Aidan Kirchgraber   Text of Abstract

Long-term change in soil seedbanks of invaded and restored urban forest patches
Johnson, Lea
Co-Authors: Lea R. Johnson and Ross D. Whitehead   Text of Abstract

Urban Forest Wonders
Lautar, Katherine
Co-Authors: Katie Lautar, Baltimore Green Space, Ian Yesilonis, Matt Baker, Nels Schumacher, James Hughes, Laura Templeton, Alyssa Wellman Houde   Text of Abstract