Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2016 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Documenting and characterizing landscape heterogeneity in Baltimore
Baker, Matthew
Co-Authors: Matthew Baker (UMBC) Emma Rosi-Marshall (Cary Inst)

Abstract: All of us working in Baltimore deal with landscape heterogeneity routinely, but how do we describe it and characterize it for others? This talk will present a plan of study to compile past BES work augmented with ongoing efforts to document the processes driving, and influenced by, spatial and temporal variation in urban ecology. Our first objective will be to characterize the physical template that underlies the city and surrounding county. A key aspect of this analysis will be to go beyond overlay exercises and identify relevant heterogeneity, variation likely to create or drive distinct biophysical or biosocial processes. Apart from physical data, will also examine changes in the land through time, and consider those changes in light of social patterns derived from parcel, neighborhood and census information. In so doing we will develop or highlight case studies that provide relevant examples different scales and kinds of interaction, as well as their spatial patterning throughout the city. A second objective will be to compare and contrast the distribution of landscape elements capture by the BES watersheds or UFORE sampling sites with the distribution of the broader city landscape. A third objective will be to use the characterization of regional heterogeneity within the study extent to target locations by attributes that are under-represented in the current long-term data collection design. Our aim is to coordinate and synthesize a collective backdrop for the next phase of BES investigations.