Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2016 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Baltimore Ecosystem Study - Young Environmental Scientist 2016
Brusaferro, Victoria
Co-Authors: Darius Hance, Dawnta Harris, Amahl Johnson, Jalen McNeil, Louis Kay, Rose Brusaferro, Bess Caplan, Chris Swan

Abstract: During the summer of 2016, the Baltimore Ecosystem Study conducted a student field research program called the Baltimore Ecosystem Study – Young Environmental Scientists (BES YES) program. Four high school students participated in a seven week ecological field experience working alongside educators and scientists to conduct four campaigns. 1) pollinator and plant presence in vacant lots, 2) stream habitat assessments at BES stream study sites, 3) soil sampling at the Parks & People Foundation, and 4) community mapping in West Lafayette Square. The students were part of the Parks & People Foundation’s summer BRANCHES program where in addition to their field duties, they received enrichment programming including team building and financial literacy. The high school students were paid for their time through a partnership with Baltimore City YouthWorks. This poster presents a summary of the BES YES 2016 program with data results from the pollinator and plant study.