Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2016 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Section 1: Presentations

A Social-Ecological Framework for the Study and Application of Governance Network Approaches    Grove, Morgan    Co-Authors: Michele Romolini and Patrick Bixler   Text of Abstract

Agricultural Cost Sharing and Implications for Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed    Newburn, David    Co-Authors: Patrick Fleming, Erik Lichtenberg   Text of Abstract

Assessing equality of access to parks and recreation using the local context    Dony, Coline    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Baltimore Floods: Introducing the Comp Hydro Project Blending Hydrology, Data and Computation for High School Students and Teachers.    Berkowitz, Alan    Co-Authors: Alan R. Berkowitz, Cary Institute BES Bess Caplan, Cary Institute BES Garrett Love, NC School of Science and Math Randy Boone, Colorado State Univ. Andy Miller, Univ. Maryland Baltimore County   Text of Abstract

Biogeochemical Symptoms of the Urban Stream Syndrome: Evidence from multiple scales of investigation    Reisinger, Alexander    Co-Authors: Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, Peter M. Groffman, Thomas R. Dooy, and Sujay S. Kaushal   Text of Abstract

Different dimensions of urban biodiversity confer shifts in ecosystems services    Swan, Christopher    Co-Authors: Anna Johnson, Dorothy Borowy   Text of Abstract

Documenting and characterizing landscape heterogeneity in Baltimore    Baker, Matthew    Co-Authors: Matthew Baker (UMBC) Emma Rosi-Marshall (Cary Inst)   Text of Abstract

Equitable Urban Revitalization and Access to Amenities    Irwin, Nicholas    Co-Authors: Nicholas B. Irwin   Text of Abstract

Gathering Baltimore’s Bounty: Characterizations of Urban Foraging Behaviors, Motivations, and Barriers    Kim, Brent    Co-Authors: Colleen M. Synk, Ginny Rogers, Jamie Harding, Charles A. Davis, Marla R. Emery, Patrick T. Hurley, Keeve E. Nachman   Text of Abstract

Long-term trends in nitrate leaching from urban forests and grasslands    Groffman, Peter    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Managing the new landscape of arboviral risk in temperate cities    Shannon, LaDeau    Co-Authors: Joel Baker, Dawn Biehler, Heather Goodman, Rebecca Jordan and Paul Leisnham   Text of Abstract

Reading the Landscape: A Social Assessment of Urban Parks and Natural Areas    Sonti, Nancy    Co-Authors: D.S. Novem Auyeung, Lindsay K. Campbell, Michelle Johnson, and Erika Svendsen   Text of Abstract

Regional urbanization and the effects on the ecosystem net primary production: A comparative study on the United States and China    Yu, Wenjuan    Co-Authors: Weiqi Zhou, J. Morgan Grove, Nancy F. Sonti   Text of Abstract

Simulating impacts of urban development on water budgets in headwater catchments in the Gwynns Falls watershed using ParFlow.CLM    Barnes, Michael    Co-Authors: Claire Welty, Andy J. Miller   Text of Abstract

Spatial spillovers and housing reinvestment in Baltimore.    Irwin, Elena    Co-Authors: Nicholas Irwin   Text of Abstract

The Baltimore School of Urban Ecology goes on the road: landscape structure and vegetation in front and back yards    Locke, Dexter    Co-Authors: J. Morgan Grove, PhD.   Text of Abstract

THE GREENING OF BALTIMORE’S ASPHALT SCHOOLYARDS    Buckley, Geoffrey    Co-Authors: Christopher G. Boone and J. Morgan Grove   Text of Abstract

Section 2: Posters

Baltimore Ecosystem Study - Young Environmental Scientist 2016
Brusaferro, Victoria
Co-Authors: Darius Hance, Dawnta Harris, Amahl Johnson, Jalen McNeil, Louis Kay, Rose Brusaferro, Bess Caplan, Chris Swan   Text of Abstract

Exploring stream conductivity as a driver of biotic changes associated with impervious cover
Baker, Matthew
Co-Authors: Matthew Baker (UMBC) Jaylen Bos (UMBC) Ellen Woytowitz (UMBC) Joseph Sexton (UMCP)   Text of Abstract

Ghost streams of Baltimore and their value to science, the social fabric and history
Belt, Kenneth
Co-Authors: Kenneth Belt, Sujay Kaushal, Raymond Bahr   Text of Abstract

Increasing major ion concentrations and changing ion ratios in urban streams over a 15-year period in Baltimore, MD
Bird, Darcy
Co-Authors: Darcy Bird 1, Peter Groffman 2, and Joel Moore 1,3 1 Environmental Science, Towson University, Towson, MD 21252, 2 Advanced Science Research Center, City University of New York, New York, NY 3 Dept of Physics, Astronomy, and   Text of Abstract

Lessons from Portland urban ecology research
Yeakley, Alan
Co-Authors: Alan Yeakley   Text of Abstract

Patterns of turbidity, sediment concentration, and load in a nested urban watershed
Kemper, John T
Co-Authors: John Kemper, Andrew Miller and Claire Welty   Text of Abstract

Penn State Urban Landscape Design Studio, Baltimore, 2016
Gorenflo, Larry
Co-Authors: Natalie Harper, Kimberly Kassinger, Emily Larkin, Jessica Owens, Hannah Thomas, and L.J. Gorenflo   Text of Abstract

Spatial and temporal variability of nitrate loads from groundwater using baseflow separation and high-frequency nitrate data in Dead Run
Stapleton, Erin
Co-Authors: Erin Stapleton and Claire Welty   Text of Abstract

Take Back the Block: Outcomes of the Baltimore Mosquito Citizen Science Program
Sorensen, Amanda
Co-Authors: Amanda Sorensen, Rebecca Jordan, Shannon LaDeau   Text of Abstract

Temporal Resolution of Data Controls Variability in Nitrate Concentration-Discharge Relationships in an Urban Watershed
Duncan, Jon
Co-Authors: Jonathan M. Duncan1, Claire Welty2, John T. Kemper2, Erin Stapleton   Text of Abstract

The effects of UV radiation on tire deterioration and pollutant release on competition between Aedes albopictus and Culex pipiens mosquitoes
Villena, Oswaldo
Co-Authors: Oswaldo C Villena, Paul T Leisnham, Edward Landa, Joe Sullivan.   Text of Abstract

The Use of Inexpensive Environmental Sensors for Air Quality and Meteorological Research within the Wildland Urban Interface
Hom, John
Co-Authors: John Hom, USDA Forest Service, NRS; Steve Roberts, UC San Diego; Tom Whitlow, Cornell University; and Matthew Patterson, USDA Forest Service, NRS   Text of Abstract

Trash, vacant buildings, and environmental justice in Franklin Square
Biehler, Dawn
Co-Authors: Janae Manning and Jada Cuffey   Text of Abstract