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2011 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Introduction to the Urban Center for Computation and Data (UrbanCCD) at Chicago
Graham, Robin
Co-Authors: Robin L. Graham - Argonne National Lab, Charlie Catlett - Argonne National Lab, Director of the UrbanCCD

The Urban Center for Computation and Data, UrbanCCD, was created in 2012 within the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. Its mission is to catalyze and pursue an interdisciplinary research agenda in urban sciences aimed at increasing our understanding and ability to anticipate the effects of rapid global urbanization on natural, built, and socio-economic systems. In addition to unprecedented increases in urban density and scale, cities face challenges related to adapting to climate change as well as energy, water, and food security. In each of these realms of natural, built, and human systems, and more importantly across them, UrbanCCD seeks to: - apply expertise and resources in computational modeling to transform the way cities and city expansions are designed by enabling model-based rapid prototyping and analysis, - create data analytics techniques and capabilities toenable city operation and planning grounded in evidence-based analytics, and - provide tools and resources to integrate data from a variety of sources including public-sector databases as well as mobile and fixed sensors. Urban sciences is a logical focus for Argonne and UChicago. First, the City of Chicago is one of a handful of global cities that are pioneering the publication and use of open data to improve city decision-making and urban life. Second, Chicago is home to the 589-acre Chicago Lakeside Development project, one of the largest urban expansion projects in the developed world and illustrative of increasingly common projects in the developing world. Third, UChicago, Argonne, and the City of Chicago have longstanding and substantive collaborations, ranging from health, public safety, and education initiatives at UChicago to emergency management and environmental programs at Argonne.