Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2013 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Urban Disamenities and Pests: Coupled Dynamics of Urban Mosquito Ecology and Human Systems Across Socioeconomically Diverse Communities.
LaDeau, Shannon
Co-Authors: Shannon LaDeau (Cary), Dawn Biehler (UMBC), Rebecca Jordan (Rutgers), Paul Leisnham (UMD), Sacoby Wilson (UMD)

This poster describes a new Coupled Natural Human Systems grant (NSF) for work in West Baltimore and presents some highlights from our first field season. This research investigates mosquito and human systems dynamics in the context of current actions and a legacy of urban decay (i.e., population decline, abandoned lots, and unmanaged refuse). Comprehensive sampling of pest and resident metrics are focused in four focal neighborhoods (6-10 city blocks each), selected to cover a range of socio-economic status, physical and social disamenities and ongoing urban revitalization. Focal questions to be addressed over the next 3 years are: 1. What is the relationship between the physical and socio-economic status of neighborhoods and the abundance and species composition of pest mosquitoes? 2. How does (real or perceived) exposure to mosquitoes influence ongoing practices contributing to urban decay or revitalization and general use of outdoor environment? 3. What activities best support and motivate resident-led mosquito-control strategies?