Baltimore Ecosystem Study Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2013 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Section 1: Presentations

Adequate Public Facility Ordinances and Land Use Patterns
Gnagey, Matthew    
Co-Authors: David Newburn; Allen Klaiber   Text of Abstract

Attitudinal Landscapes of educators and students on Renewable Energy Systems (RES) as impacted by directed Renewable Energy Education (REE).
Patel, Nirav       Text of Abstract

Childhood Lead Poisoning in Baltimore in the Mid-Twentieth Century: Pica, Policy and Climate
Fredrickson, Leif       Text of Abstract

Does habitat management explain multi-scale biodiversity patterns in built ecosystems?
Suski, Jamie    
Co-Authors: Salice, C.J and Swan, C.M.   Text of Abstract

Ecohydrological Processes and Urban Water: the Role of Flora and Fauna in the Urban Watershed Continuum
Belt, Ken    
Co-Authors: Ken Belt Sujay Kaushal Richard Pouyat Christopher Swan   Text of Abstract

Impact of urban development on groundwater storage in Baltimore
Bhaskar, Aditi    
Co-Authors: Aditi S. Bhaskar, Claire Welty, Andrew J. Miller, and Reed M. Maxwell   Text of Abstract

Introduction to the Urban Center for Computation and Data (UrbanCCD) at Chicago
Graham, Robin    
Co-Authors: Robin L. Graham - Argonne National Lab, Charlie Catlett - Argonne National Lab, Director of the UrbanCCD   Text of Abstract

Keynote address for BES book of the year Tentative title: Urban Energy Metabolism and Hungry Cities
Troy, Austin    
Co-Authors: Austin Troy   Text of Abstract

Linking management to metacommunity dynamics in ponds
Sokol, Eric    
Co-Authors: Brett Tornwall, Cayelan C. Carey, Bryan L. Brown, Christopher M. Swan   Text of Abstract

Long-term watershed studies in BES: Updates and changes
Groffman, Peter       Text of Abstract

Restoring Urban Hydrologic Services through Urban Soil Husbandry
Smith, Brennan    
Co-Authors: Dr. Stu Schwartz, Kathleen Cullen, Rico Bado   Text of Abstract

Solid-phase extraction and HPLC determination of fluoroquinolones in Baltimore-area wastewater
He, Ke    
Co-Authors: Lee Blaney   Text of Abstract

Stormwater management and hydrologic response in BES watersheds
Miller, Andrew       Text of Abstract

Teachersí content and pedagogical content knowledge about socio-ecological systems and resilience.
Berkowitz, Alan    
Co-Authors: Alan R. Berkowitz, Bess Caplan, and Julia Dodd, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Alan R. Berkowitz, Bess Caplan, and Julia Dodd, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Alan R. Berkowitz, Bess Caplan, and Julia Dodd, Cary Institute of Ecosy   Text of Abstract

The Effect of Rural Downzoning on Residential Development in Baltimore County
Newburn, David    
Co-Authors: Jeff Ferris   Text of Abstract

Understanding Connections between Urban Decay and Mosquito Production in West Baltimore
Becker, Brian    
Co-Authors: Shannon LaDeau, Paul Leisnham   Text of Abstract

Urban Forest Change in Baltimore
Nowak, David       Text of Abstract

Woody species composition of restored and unrestored urban streams segments in the Baltimore area.
Beauchamp, Vanessa    
Co-Authors: Christopher M. Swan and Katalin Szlavecz   Text of Abstract

Section 2: Posters

11 Years of Bird Monitoring in Everyday Baltimore
Rega, Christine
Co-Authors: Charles Nilon, Paige Warren, and Christine Rega   Text of Abstract

Analysis of Water Isotope Data to Determine Mean Transit Times in Dead Run
Welty, Claire
Co-Authors: Claire Welty and John T. Kemper   Text of Abstract

Baltimore Urban Community Gardeners' Knowledge and Perceptions of Soil Contaminant Risks
Kim, Brent
Co-Authors: Brent Kim Katie Dix Melissa Poulsen Jared Margulies Anne Palmer Keeve Nachman   Text of Abstract

Carbon Flux, Meteorological, and Biological Monitoring to understand the contribution of human activities, maintained vegetation and emissions at Cub Hill, Baltimore, MD
Hom, John
Co-Authors: John Hom, Nicanor Saliendra, Matthew Patterson, Jonathan Dandois, Ian Yesilonis, Jong Ahn Chun, and Kathy Szlavecz.   Text of Abstract

Comparative geographies of soil lead - Can Baltimoreís soil teach us about gardening in Sacramento, CA?
Schwarz, Kirsten
Co-Authors: Kirsten Schwarz, Mary Cadenasso, Jill Baty, Bethany Cutts, Jonathan London, and Shaina Meiners   Text of Abstract

Defining Urban Sustainability in Baltimore
Zeemering, Eric
Co-Authors: Eric S. Zeemering   Text of Abstract

Developing Robust Spatial Measures of the Street Environment for Investigating Livability
Harvey, Chester
Co-Authors: Chester Harvey   Text of Abstract

Ecohydrological Processes and Urban Water: the Role of Flora and Fauna in the Urban Watershed Continuum
Belt, Ken
Co-Authors: Ken Belt Sujay Kaushal Richard Pouyat Christopher Swan   Text of Abstract

Habitat requirements of River chub (Nocomis micropogon), an urbanization sensitive keystone fish species: Relation to functional restoration of urbanized waterways
Kemp, Stanley
Co-Authors: Stanley J. Kemp, University of Baltimore   Text of Abstract

Implications of Restoration Design for Hydrologic Response in Urban Streams
Lindner, Garth
Co-Authors: Garth Lindner Andrew J. Miller   Text of Abstract

Influence of natural and novel organic carbon sources on denitrification in forest, degraded urban, and restored streams
Newcomer, Tamara
Co-Authors: Newcomer TA, Kaushal SS, Mayer PM, Shields AR, Canuel EA, Groffman PM, Gold AJ   Text of Abstract

Itís Not Easy Going Green: Obstacles to Tree-Planting Programs in East Baltimore
Poster only for Geoff Buckley's student, Poster only for Geoff Buckley's student
Co-Authors: Mike Battaglia (Ohio University), Geoffrey L. Buckley (Ohio University), J. Morgan Grove (USDA Forest Service), and Mike Galvin (SavATree)   Text of Abstract

Mobile Redevelopment Strategies for Vacant Lots in Edinburgh: A Model for Baltimore?
Miller, Markie
Co-Authors: Markie Miller   Text of Abstract

Monitoring mosquito production in stormwater control structures
DeLonge, Jennifer
Co-Authors: Jennifer DeLonge, Robert Johnson, Shannon L. LaDeau   Text of Abstract

Oregon Ridge Park Forest Health Assessment and Management Plan
Twery, Mark
Co-Authors: Don Outen, Len Wrabel, Mark Twery   Text of Abstract

Parks, Trees, and Environmental Justice: Field Notes from Washington, DC
Buckley, Geoffrey
Co-Authors: Geoff Buckley, Ali Whitmer, J. Morgan Grove   Text of Abstract

Refurbishing the Rust Belt: Vacant Land Reuse in Cleveland, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland
Prusa, Jillian
Co-Authors: Jillian Prusa   Text of Abstract

Shifting composition of mosquito species and potential disease risk along an urban to rural gradient.
Goodman, Heather
Co-Authors: Heather Goodman,ScM and Shannon Ladeau, PhD   Text of Abstract

Stormwater pollution in suburban Baltimore ecosystems: the role of residential rooftop connectivity
Miles, Brian
Co-Authors: Brian Miles Lawrence Band   Text of Abstract

The relationship between crime and tree canopy in greater Baltimore
Troy, Austin
Co-Authors: Austin Troy, J. Morgan Grove and Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne   Text of Abstract

Urban Disamenities and Pests: Coupled Dynamics of Urban Mosquito Ecology and Human Systems Across Socioeconomically Diverse Communities.
LaDeau, Shannon
Co-Authors: Shannon LaDeau (Cary), Dawn Biehler (UMBC), Rebecca Jordan (Rutgers), Paul Leisnham (UMD), Sacoby Wilson (UMD)   Text of Abstract

What supports and constrains effective environmental science teaching in and about the Baltimore ecosystem?
Berkowitz, Alan
Co-Authors: Alan R. Berkowitz, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Bess Caplan, Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Angelita Alvarado, City University of New York Molly Charnes, Academy of International Studies, Woodburn, OR Sarah Haines, Towson University   Text of Abstract