Baltimore Ecosystem Study Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2012 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

"Every Place is an Ecosystem" as a Theme for Professional Development and Innovative Teaching
Berkowitz, Alan
Co-Authors: Bess Caplan, Cary Inst. Molly Van Appledorn, UMBC Natalie Mollett, Cary Inst. Molly Charnes, Towson Univ. Eric Keeling, SUNY New Paltz Sarah Haines, Towson Univ.

Abstract: "Every Place is an Ecosystem" is one of three themes running through the professional devleopment (PD) work with middle and high school teachers in the Baltimore Partnership for Environmental Science Literacy. Teachers are supported in using the local ecosystem as place for authentic science learning, and as a context for application to students' everyday lives. Our results reveal that there are some clear strengths in our approach, while many challenges remain to be addressed.