Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2012 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Section 1: Presentations

"Every Place is an Ecosystem" as a Theme for Professional Development and Innovative Teaching    Berkowitz, Alan    Co-Authors: Bess Caplan, Cary Inst. Molly Van Appledorn, UMBC Natalie Mollett, Cary Inst. Molly Charnes, Towson Univ. Eric Keeling, SUNY New Paltz Sarah Haines, Towson Univ.   Text of Abstract

A long-term perspective on polluting facilities and environmental justice in Baltimore    Boone, Christopher    Co-Authors: Geoff Buckley, Morgan Grove, and Michail Fragkias   Text of Abstract

A Valuation of Restored Streams Using Repeat Sales    Maher, Joe    Co-Authors: Charles Towe and Allen Klaiber   Text of Abstract

Baseflow Signatures of BES Watersheds    Schwartz, Stu    Co-Authors: Brennan Smith   Text of Abstract

Burying Streams: Environmental Regulations and Land Development    Gnagey, Matthew    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Community Development, Research, and Reinvestment: The Struggle against Redlining in Washington, DC, 1970-1995    Lloyd, James    Co-Authors: James M. Lloyd   Text of Abstract

Denitrification in riparian zones and streams along an urban to exurban gradient    Waters, Emily    Co-Authors: Emily Waters, Jen Morse, Neil Bettez, Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

Ecological effects of common pharmaceutical compounds in BES streams    Rosi-Marshall, Emma    Co-Authors: Heather Bechtold, Miguel Rojas, John Kelly and Todd Royer   Text of Abstract

Ecological Homogenization of Urban America    Morse, Jennifer    Co-Authors: J. L. Morse, Cavender-Bares, N. D. Bettez, Groffman, P. M., J. M. Grove, S. J. Hall, J. Heffernan, S. E. Hobbie, K. L. Larson, C. Neill, K. Nelson, J. O'Neil- Dunne, L. Ogden, D. E. Pataki, C. Polsky, R. Roy Chowdhury, M. K. Steele   Text of Abstract

Ecosystem services and environmental justice as tools to achieve urban sustainability    Cadenasso, Mary    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Effects of Urbanization and Climate on Nitrogen Retention in Coastal Watersheds    Bettez, Neil    Co-Authors: Neil D. Bettez, Peter Groffman, (Cary institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY; 845-677-7600), Jon Duncan, Larry Band (UNC Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill NC, Chapel Hill NC; (919) 962-3921)   Text of Abstract

Factors Influencing Blooms of Sphaerotilus Natans in the Lower Jones Falls    Levery, Robert    Co-Authors: Stanley Kemp Wolf Pecher   Text of Abstract

Flora Baltimorensis: The plants and people of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study    Nicholson, Charles    Co-Authors: Erin Mellenthin   Text of Abstract

Governance of 21st Century Sustainable Cities: A Study of Stewardship Networks in Baltimore & Seattle    Romolini, Michele    Co-Authors: J. Morgan Grove   Text of Abstract

Legacies of human management drive patterns of plant species diversity across scales    Johnson, Anna    Co-Authors: Erica Tauzer, Christopher M. Swan   Text of Abstract

Local and regional constraints on diversity of an experimental urban metacommunity    Swan, Christopher    Co-Authors: Katherine Brundrett   Text of Abstract

Neighborhood-level variation in the risk of mosquito exposure.    LaDeau, Shannon    Co-Authors: Paul Leisnham (Univ of MD, College Park) Dawn Biehler (UMBC)   Text of Abstract

Organic Matter in Streams and the Urban Watershed Continuum    Belt, Ken    Co-Authors: Belt, K. T., Kaushal, S., Swan, C., and R. Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Progress to date and future plans for Watershed 263    Hager, Guy    Co-Authors: Guy Hager   Text of Abstract

Storm-event hydrologic response across a spectrum of development patterns and watershed types among Gwynns Falls tributaries    Miller, Andrew    Co-Authors: Andrew J. Miller (1), Garth A. Lindner (1), Sierra Z. Shamer (1), Kevin M. Schmidt (2), Mark J. Kather (3), Daniel Jones (1), Matthew E. Baker (1), Claire Welty (1) : (1) - UMBC (2) - University of Delaware (3) - Baltimore County Public Schools   Text of Abstract

Supporting the use of Micro Storm Water Management Facilities in Secondary Education    Caplan, Bess    Co-Authors: Jocelyn Virtudes, Kenneth Belt, Alan Berkowitz   Text of Abstract

The biogeosociochemistry of urban grasslands    Groffman, Peter    Co-Authors: Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

The relationship between crime and vegetation across an urbanization gradient    Troy, Austin    Co-Authors: Austin Troy, Morgan Grove and Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne   Text of Abstract

Update on hydrologic model development of the Baltimore metropolitan area    Bhaskar, Aditi    Co-Authors: Claire Welty   Text of Abstract

Urban tree canopy cover and environmental justice: results from an NCEAS working group on environmental justice in cities.    Schwarz, Kirsten    Co-Authors: Kirsten Schwarz, Michail Fragkias, Weiqi Zhou, Melissa McHale, J. Morgan Grove, Jarlath O'Neil- Dunne, Chris G. Boone, Mary Cadenasso   Text of Abstract

Visualizing Historic Baltimore    Cole, Joshua    Co-Authors: Dan Bailey   Text of Abstract

Section 2: Posters

Assessing Hydrologic Function in Urban Landscapes
Cullen, Kathleen
Co-Authors: Kathleen Cullen, Brennan Smith, Stu Schwartz   Text of Abstract

Baltimore Partnership for Environmental Science Literacy
Mollett, Natalie
Co-Authors: A.Berkowitz, B.Caplan, T.Newcomer, M.Charnes, N.Mollett, M.VanAppledorn, C.Harris, E.Keeling, S.Haines   Text of Abstract

Comparison of Characteristic Unit Hydrographs in the Gwynns Falls Watershed
Shamer, Sierra
Co-Authors: Sierra Shamer (UMBC) Andy Miller (UMBC)   Text of Abstract

Effect of Channel Substrate Type on Storage and Transport of Solutes in Urban Storm Runoff of the Semi-Arid Southwest
meixner, Thomas
Co-Authors: Erika L. Gallo, Kathleen Lohse1, Paul Brooks, Jennifer McIntosh, Thomas Meixner   Text of Abstract

Effects of integrated stormwater management and stream engineering on nitrogen uptake and denitrification in streams
Newcomer, Tammy
Co-Authors: Tamara A. Newcomer, Sujay S. Kaushal, Paul M. Mayer, Peter M. Groffman, and Melissa M. Grese   Text of Abstract

Environmental stress in ephemeral ponds: impacts on gastropod life history traits and predator-induced defenses
Suski, Jamie
Co-Authors: Jamie G. Suski and Christopher J. Salice   Text of Abstract

Factors Influencing Blooms of Sphaerotilus Natans in the Lower Jones Falls
Levery, Robert
Co-Authors: Robert Levery Stanley Kemp Wolf Pecher   Text of Abstract

Geospatial analysis of topography and development patterns for comparison with hydrologic response characteristics of Gwynns Falls subwatersheds
Schmidt, Kevin
Co-Authors: Kevin Schmidt (1), Garth Lindner (2), Andrew Miller (2) : (1) - University of Delaware, (2) - University of Maryland, Baltimore County   Text of Abstract

High-resolution coupled-groundwater surface-water modeling of BES subwatersheds across a spectrum of development patterns
Barnes, Michael
Co-Authors: Michael Barnes, Claire Welty, and Andrew J. Miller   Text of Abstract

Landscape Design in the Oliver Neighborhood, Baltimore: Selected Results from a BES-Inspired Penn State Landscape Architecture Studio
Gorenflo, Larry
Co-Authors: Matthew Chiampi, Brian McLoughlin, MacKenzie Patrick, Gabbi Salvemini, Simon Winterbottom, Barry W. Kew, and L.J. Gorenflo   Text of Abstract

Monitoring Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Methane and PM 2.5 to understand the contribution of anthropogenic sources of carbon to the urban environment
Hom, John
Co-Authors: John Hom, Nicanor Saliendra, Matthew Patterson, Ian Yesilonis, and Steve Roberts   Text of Abstract

Pilot testing of a Picarro water isotope analyzer
Welty, Claire
Co-Authors: Claire Welty, Julia Miller, Jon Duncan, Dakota Smith, Dan Bain, Matt Baker, Larry Band, Kenneth Belt, Peter Groffman, Sujay Kaushal, Michelle Lorah, Andrew Miller, Stuart Schwartz   Text of Abstract

Quantifying discharge of headwater tributaries across a range of development patterns and stormwater management conditions
Grazia, Eric
Co-Authors: Eric Grazia, Claire Welty, Andrew Miller, Edward Doheny, Rose Smith, Sujay Kaushal, Michael Pennino, and Michael Barnes   Text of Abstract

Response of urban watersheds to storm events: adapting urban hydrology research for inquiry-driven science education
Kather, Mark
Co-Authors: Mark Kather, Baltimore County Public Schools in association with the BEST Project, Townson University. Dr. Andrew Miller, CUERE, UMBC   Text of Abstract

The Baltimore Ecosystem Study: From Sanitary to Sustainable City
Pickett, Steward
Co-Authors: Steward Pickett, Ken Belt, Alan Berkowitz, Neil Bettez, Mary Cadenasso, Bess Caplan, Peter Groffman, Morgan Grove, Sujay Kaushal, Dave Nowak, Michele Romolini, and Austin Troy   Text of Abstract

The Relationship Between Pollinator and Plant Diversity in Urban Vacant Lots
Hughes, Jenny
Co-Authors: Jenny Hughes Co-authors- Christopher Swan and Anna Johnson   Text of Abstract

Towards Closing Watershed Nitrogen Budgets: Incorporating Spatial and Temporal Scaling of Denitrification
Duncan, Jon
Co-Authors: Jonathan M. Duncan, Peter M. Groffman, Lawrence E. Band   Text of Abstract