Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2011 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Cazabon, Lynn
Co-Authors: Christa Partain

Abstract: I will present my ongoing public art project, Uncultivated, and will discuss ways in which art can be used as a means to communicate scientific methods and discoveries to the general public. Through this presentation, I hope to discover ways my project can potentially connect to research by BES scientists. Uncultivated is a multi-faceted project exploring wild plants in urban landscapes that began in Baltimore, MD in late 2010. The project consists of photographic images of Baltimore’s landscape, public displays (bus shelter posters, billboards), a website ( that contains information of the plants found in the images, and a series of public events. Each printed image in the project (public displays and exhibition prints) is presented with a corresponding QR code, allowing viewers to access layers of information on the plants in the images using a Smartphone with a free QR code reader application. The QR code offers a visually appealing and interactive way to provide contextual information for the photographs. Through its use of advertising methods, current technologies, and focus on un-idealized landscapes, Uncultivated seeks to update the genre of landscape photography and to create a platform for public dialogue about the environment. The project also seeks to raise awareness about how urban landscapes are evolving over time due to the effects of global climate change.