Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2011 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Section 1: Presentations

"A tale of two systems": comparative results for vegetation functional diversity for "Clean & Green" and unmanaged vacant lots    Williams, Yvette    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Baltimore Sustainability Program Utilizing Baltimore Ecosystem Study as a Tool and Resource    Strommen, Beth    Co-Authors: Beth Strommen   Text of Abstract

Biodiversity in Urban Stormwater Ponds    Brundrett, Katherine    Co-Authors: Charles Wahl, Christopher Swan   Text of Abstract

Climate Change in Maryland: A Strategy for Resilience    Griswold, Marcus    Co-Authors: Zoe Johnson   Text of Abstract

Collective Strategies for Increasing Baltimore City's Tree Canopy    Tyler, Emily    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Denitrification Enzyme Activity in Stormwater Control Structures    Bettez, Neil    Co-Authors: Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

Developing Learning Progressions for Student Understanding of Water Systems in Baltimore    Caplan, Bess    Co-Authors: Tammy Newcomer   Text of Abstract

Ecological complexity and disease vectors: Phenology and composition of urban mosquito communities in Baltimore    LaDeau, Shannon    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Effects of stormwater management and stream engineering on nitrogen uptake and denitrification in streams    Newcomer, Tamara    Co-Authors: Tamara A. Newcomer, Sujay S. Kaushal, Paul M. Mayer, Peter M. Groffman, and Melissa M. Grese   Text of Abstract

Effects of Urbanization on Dissolved Organic Matter Composition in Maine, USA.    Parr, Thomas    Co-Authors: Thomas Parr, Chris Cronan, Tsutomu Ohno, Kevin Simon   Text of Abstract

Estimation of Soil CO2 Effluxes from Suburban Forest and Lawn Using Continuous Measurements of CO2 Profiles in Soils    Chun, Jong    Co-Authors: Katalin Szlavecz, Darci Ferrer, Michael Bernard, Scott Pitz, John Hom, and Benjamin Zaitchik   Text of Abstract

From Professional Development to Effective Teaching of Environmental Science    Berkowitz, Alan    Co-Authors: A. R. Berkowitz, B. Caplan, A. Alvarado, S. Haines   Text of Abstract

Identifying the effect of down-zoning in Baltimore County on residential subdivision development in Carroll and Harford Counties    Irwin, Elena    Co-Authors: Charles Towe (Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland,; Allen Klaiber (Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics, Ohio State University,; Doug Wrenn (Department of   Text of Abstract

Integrated hydrologic modeling: discretization, initialization and hydrogeologic data input    Seck, Alimatou    Co-Authors: Alimatou Seck, Claire Welty, Joshua N. Cole, Reed M. Maxwell   Text of Abstract

Land Use and Climate Alter Carbon Dynamics in Watersheds of Chesapeake Bay    Kaushal, Sujay    Co-Authors: Sujay S. Kaushal, S. Duan, Melissa Grese, Michael Pennino, Kenneth T. Belt, Stuart E.G. Findlay, Peter M. Groffman, Paul Mayer, Sudhir Murthy, Joel Blomquist,   Text of Abstract

Land-use Effect on Stream Organic Matter Composition in Two Metropolitan Areas in USA    Duan, Shuiwang    Co-Authors: Sujay Kaushal, Rainer Amon and Robin Brinkmeyer   Text of Abstract

Pharmaceutical compounds in BES streams: concentrations and ecological effects    Rosi-Marshall, Emma    Co-Authors: Emma J. Rosi-Marshall, Dustin Kincaid, Heather Bechtold and Todd V. Royer   Text of Abstract

Pilot Testing of Distributed Temperature Sensing in Dead Run    Welty, Claire    Co-Authors: Julia Miller, Jon Duncan   Text of Abstract

Recalculating the WUI to strengthen Ecological Vulnerability Planning in the Urban-Rural Transition Zone    Howard, Holli    Co-Authors: Holli Howard   Text of Abstract

Socio-ecological revitalization of an urban watershed    Groffman, Peter    Co-Authors: Peter M. Groffman, Guy Hager, Kenneth T. Belt, Kimberly Burgess, J. Morgan Grove, Bess Caplan, Desiree Shelly, Mary Hardcastle, Steward T.A. Pickett   Text of Abstract

Sources and Transformations of Carbon and Nitrogen in the Potomac River Estuary    Pennino, Michael    Co-Authors: Sujay Kaushal, and Sudhir Murthy   Text of Abstract

Spatial and Temporal Controls of Nitrogen Cycling and Export    Duncan, Jonathan    Co-Authors: Groffman, Band   Text of Abstract

Spectral analysis of long-term and high-frequency chloride and nitrate stream chemistry data in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study LTER watersheds    VerHoef, Jason    Co-Authors: Claire Welty, Sujay Kaushal, and Andrew Miller   Text of Abstract

The Role of Parks & People Foundation’s Informal Environmental Education in MSDE’s Environmental Literacy Implementation Plan    Shelley, Desiree    Co-Authors: Mary Hardcastle   Text of Abstract

Time Is Money: An Empirical Examination of the Dynamic Effects of Uncertainty on Residential Subdivision Development.    Wrenn, Douglas    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Ultra-urban baseflow and stormflow concentrations and fluxes in a watershed undergoing watershed restoration (WS263).    Belt, Ken    Co-Authors: Belt, K.T., Stack, W.P., Pouyat, R., Burgess, K., Groffman, P.M. and Kaushal, S.S.   Text of Abstract

UNCULTIVATED: A PHYSICAL AND VIRTUAL TOUR OF BALTIMORE’S WILD PLANT LIFE    Cazabon, Lynn    Co-Authors: Christa Partain   Text of Abstract

Urban Community Forestry in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD: The Role of Nonprofit Organizations    Rodier, Meghan    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Watershed Flow Dynamics of the Baltimore Region    Bhaskar, Aditi    Co-Authors: Aditi Bhaskar, Claire Welty, Alimatou Seck, Reed Maxwell, Claire Jantz, Scott Drzyzga, Roxanne Sanderson, Andrew Miller, Garth Lindner, Joshua Cole   Text of Abstract

What’s missing from Baltimore’s urban fish communities and why?: A preliminary comparative analysis of fish assemblage data    Kemp, Stanley    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Section 2: Posters

Duncan, Jonathan
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

BPESL: Pathways to Environmental Literacy
Mollett, Natalie
Co-Authors: Julie Baynard, Natalie Mollett, Tammy Newcomer   Text of Abstract

Carbon Flux, Meteorological, and Biological Monitoring at Cub Hill, Baltimore, MD
Hom, John
Co-Authors: John Hom, Nicanor Saliendra, Matthew Patterson, Ian Yesilonis,   Text of Abstract

Environmental Stewardship Among College Students
Brown, Danielle D.
Co-Authors: Tommy Parker; Danielle D. Brown   Text of Abstract

Environmental Stewardship Among College Students
Parker, Tommy
Co-Authors: Tommy Parker, Ph.D., Department of Biology, University of Louisville Danielle D. Brown, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, Howard University   Text of Abstract

First Insights into the Parasite Fauna of Fish from the Lower Jones Falls
Pecher, Wolf T.
Co-Authors: Wolf T. Pecher   Text of Abstract

Genes, urban lifestyles and wanderer phenotypes in American crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos)
Clark, Anne
Co-Authors: Anne B. Clark1, Miguel Vilar1, Andrea Townsend2, Koji Lum1, Kevin J. McGowan2 1Binghamton University, Binghamton, New York 2 Cornell University, Ithaca   Text of Abstract

Phosphorus sorption of stream sediments in Baltimore Watershed
Deng, Hong
Co-Authors: Hong Deng, Sujay Kaushal   Text of Abstract

Reflections on a year of deployment of high-frequency sensors in BES streams
Miller, Julia
Co-Authors: Julia Miller, Jason VerHoef, Claire Welty, Michael McGuire, Roxanne Sanderson, Andrew Miller, Sujay Kaushal, Jon Duncan, Peter Groffman, Larry Band, Kenneth Belt, and Reed Maxwell   Text of Abstract

Single-Family Residential Water Consumption in Baltimore City: A Case for More Trees
Myers, Thomas
Co-Authors: Thomas Myers and Bernadette Hanlon   Text of Abstract

Stream temperatures in urban watersheds: interactive effects of riparian cover, scale and the built environment.
Belt, Ken
Co-Authors: Belt, K.T., Noonan, E., and P. Groffman   Text of Abstract

Volunteer urban environmental stewardship: an effective way to manage plant communities in city parks
Johnson, Anna
Co-Authors: Anna L. Johnson, Daniel J. Bain, Erin M. Copeland, and Christopher M. Swan   Text of Abstract