Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2010 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Using Open Source Tools for Access and Publication of Precipitation Data
Sanderson, Roxanne
Co-Authors: Roxanne Sanderson and Michael McGuire

Abstract: This poster presents the results of two projects using open source tools for publishing and providing access to precipitation data from the Hydro-NEXRAD system and BES LTER rain gage network. The Hydro-NEXRAD system provides gridded rainfall data spanning 10 years at a 1 sq-km resolution. The data was calibrated to rain gage data on a 15-minute basis for the entire Baltimore region. A web-based system based on open source products was developed to automate the spatial extraction and aggregation of Hydro-NEXRAD data. A spatial database was created to contain bias corrected Hydro-NEXRAD data from the NWS radar in Sterling, VA (KLWX) from 1999 to 2009. A web-based interface was designed for the purpose of querying, aggregating, and extracting data from this database. Using this interface, the user can download and visualize the Hydro-NEXRAD data aggregated by watershed as well as a number of temporal resolutions. The UMBC Center for Urban Environmental Research and Education has recently upgraded the BES LTER precipitation gage network to include 8 dual tipping bucket rain gages, each with wireless telemetry for real-time data streaming. The data are streamed to the TRC at UMBC and automatically uploaded into the CUAHSI Observations Data Model. Programmatic access to this data is provided using a CUAHSI WaterML web service. A web service client was developed and a data visualization website was created to view the data in near real-time. The web site includes a component for graphing precipitation time series and a component for mapping the rain gage locations.