Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2010 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Local, global, and urban: Teaching about carbon and climate in an urban ecosystem.
Keeling, Eric
Co-Authors: Eric Keeling, Alan Berkowitz, Bess Caplan, Sarah Haines

Abstract: Urban ecosystems provide both challenges and opportunities for teaching about the global carbon cycle and climate change. As part of the Baltimore Partnership for Environmental Science Literacy, we are collaborating with BES scientists and Baltimore middle and high school teachers to design innovative teaching strategies for improving student and teacher literacy about carbon and climate. Our teaching strategies and professional development programs are informed by targeted assessment of student and teacher thinking and combine inquiry-based schoolyard ecology, visits to local research facilities, and presentation of data from local scientists. The urban setting of our programs will be especially important to the broader goals of a nationwide study to understand how culturally relevant, place-based education can improve environmental literacy in the important topics of global carbon and climate.