Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2010 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Section 1: Presentations

A long view of polluting industry and environmental justice in Baltimore    Boone, Christopher    Co-Authors: Morgan Grove, Geoff Buckley   Text of Abstract

A Multi-Methods Approach to Determining Appropriate Locations for Tree Planting in Two of Baltimore's Tree-Poor Neighborhoods    Battaglia, Michael    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Assessing spatiotemporal variations of greenness in the Baltimore-Washington corridor area    Tang, Junmei    Co-Authors: Fang Chen, and Stuart S. Schwartz   Text of Abstract

Carbon Pools in Urban Forest Remnants in Baltimore and Atlanta    Yesilonis, Ian    Co-Authors: Richard V. Pouyat, Dave Nowak   Text of Abstract

Communicating patterns of soil lead contamination to the public health community: the role of spatial models.    Schwarz, Kirsten    Co-Authors: Kirsten Schwarz, Steward T.A. Pickett, Richard G.Lathrop, Kathleen C. Weathers, Richard V. Pouyat and Mary L. Cadenasso   Text of Abstract

Correlating spatial heterogeneity in diurnal eddy fluxes with remote sensing and land cover during the growing and non-growing seasons in suburban Baltimore    Saliendra, Nicanor    Co-Authors: John Hom, Rich Pouyat, Matt Patterson,Ian Yesilonis, Gordon Heisler and Dave Nowak   Text of Abstract

Does spatial configuration matter? Understanding the effects of land cover pattern on land surface temperature in urban landscapes    Zhou, Weiqi    Co-Authors: Ganlin Huang, and Mary L Cadenasso   Text of Abstract

Effects of Socioeconomics on European Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) Abundance in Baltimore, Maryland    Denison, Chandler    Co-Authors: Charles H. Nilon   Text of Abstract

Effects of temperature and source on organic matter leaching and decomposition in Baltimore urban area    Duan, Shuiwang    Co-Authors: Sujay Kaushal   Text of Abstract

Environmental correlates of crime in Baltimore City and County    Troy, Austin    Co-Authors: Austin Troy, Ashley Lidman   Text of Abstract

Exurban Development in Carroll County, Maryland    Irwin, Elena    Co-Authors: Doug Wrenn, Wendong Zhang   Text of Abstract

Growing What You Eat: Developing Community Gardens and Improving Food Security    Corrigan, Michelle    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Historical Residential and Employment Patterns in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area    McChesney, Ron    Co-Authors: Ron McChesney   Text of Abstract

Is everyone hot in the city?: spatial pattern of land surface temperatures, land cover and neighborhood socioeconomic characteristics in Baltimore, MD    Huang, Ganlin    Co-Authors: Weiqi Zhou and M. L. Cadenasso   Text of Abstract

Local, global, and urban: Teaching about carbon and climate in an urban ecosystem.    Keeling, Eric    Co-Authors: Eric Keeling, Alan Berkowitz, Bess Caplan, Sarah Haines   Text of Abstract

Long-term (10 year) trends in the chemistry of urban streams    Groffman, Peter    Co-Authors: Lawrence E. Band, Kenneth T. Belt, Sujay S. Kaushal, Gary T. Fisher   Text of Abstract

Nitrogen deposition along an urban-rural land-use gradient in Baltimore MD    Bettez, Neil    Co-Authors: Neil D. Bettez, Peter Groffman, Cary institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY; 845-677-7600   Text of Abstract

Parks & People Foundation's Green Career Ladder    Hardcastle, Mary    Co-Authors: Mary Hardcatle   Text of Abstract

Patchiness in Microbial Biomass and Activity in Geomorphic Features in Forested and Urban Restored and Degraded Streams    Harrison, Melanie    Co-Authors: Peter M. Groffman, Paul M. Mayer, Sujay S. Kaushal   Text of Abstract

Relative importance of organic C sources for denitrification in hyporheic zones of forested, unrestored, and restored streams    Newcomer, Tamara    Co-Authors: Sujay S. Kaushal, Paul M. Mayer, Amy Shields, Elizabeth A. Canuel, Peter M. Groffman, Arthur J. Gold   Text of Abstract

Smart Growth and the Pipe: Sewer Infrastructure and the Location of Residential Growth in the Baltimore Region    Beckingham, Barbara    Co-Authors: Melanie Harrison, Elizabeth Stanwyck, Olyssa Starry, Bernadette Hanlon, Justin Newcomer   Text of Abstract

Spatial patterns analysis of multiethnic settlement in Lijiang City, China    Lin, Tao    Co-Authors: Tao Lin(presenter), Ling Feng, Xianhua Guo, Jingzhu Zhao   Text of Abstract

Spatio-temporal heterogeneities in mosquito communities and vector-borne disease risk in an urban landscape    LaDeau, Shannon    Co-Authors: Shannon LaDeau and John Wallace   Text of Abstract

The Historic Roots of Green Urban Policy in Baltimore County, Maryland    Pierce, Erin    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

This is not a Corridor    Guida, Irene    Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Toxic Playground: The Story of Baltimore’s Swann Park    Buckley, Geoffrey    Co-Authors: Geoffrey L. Buckley and Michelle Chevalier   Text of Abstract

Tracking nonpoint nitrogen pollution from human-dominated watersheds    Kaushal, Sujay    Co-Authors: Sujay S. Kaushal, Peter M. Groffman, Lawrence E. Band, Emily M. Elliott, Catherine A. Shields, and Carol Kendall   Text of Abstract

Urban Metal Subsidies Underutilized Stoichiometric Understanding    Bain, Daniel    Co-Authors: Dan Bain, Kyle Ferrar, Katelin Fisher, Mark Green, Amelia Johnson, Sujay Kaushal, Amar Mehta, Drew Michanowicz, Rich Pouyat, Andy Wreschnig, Ian Yesilonis   Text of Abstract

Urban Streams: The four dimensions of an ecological stream continuum    Belt, Kenneth    Co-Authors: Sujay Kaushal   Text of Abstract

Section 2: Posters

Bettez, Neil
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

LaDeau, Shannon
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

A parallel integrated hydrologic model of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed : Model run times and sensitivity to grid resolution
Seck, Alimatou
Co-Authors: Alimatou Seck, Claire Welty, Reed M Maxwell   Text of Abstract

An End-to-End System for Precipitation Data Collection in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study LTER
Miller, Julia
Co-Authors: Julia Miller, Michael McGuire, Roxanne Sanderson, Claire Welty   Text of Abstract

Attributes and Variables: BES transformative design scenarios
McGrath, Brian
Co-Authors: Urban Design Working Group: Brian McGrath, Mateo Pinto, and Jacinto Padin   Text of Abstract

Baltimore Partnership for Environmental Science Literacy
Caplan, Bess
Co-Authors: Bess Caplan, A. R. Berkowitz, S. Haines, C. Harris, E. Keeling, T. Grant, R. Foot, T. Newcomer, P. Bond   Text of Abstract

Comparative Life Cycle Analysis of Two Stormwater Controls: Street Tree vs. Rain Barrel
Hopkins, Kristina
Co-Authors: Kristina Hopkins, University of Pittsburgh AND Daniel Bain, University of Pittsburgh   Text of Abstract

Deployment of Real-time Nitrate and Conductivity Sensors in Dead Run: Logistical Challenges and Practical Solutions
VerHoef, Jason
Co-Authors: Jason VerHoef, Claire Welty, Melissa Grese, William Davies, Julia Miller, Philip Larson, Sujay Kaushal, Larry Band, Jon Duncan, Peter Groffman, Andrew Miller, Michael McGuire, Kenneth Belt, and Reed Maxwell   Text of Abstract

Enhanced Forest Service Carbon and Meteorological Monitoring at Cub Hill and at Experimental Forests
Hom, John
Co-Authors: John Hom, Nicanor Saliendra, Matthew Patterson, Ian Yesilonis, Richard Pouyat and Walter Buck   Text of Abstract

Influences of Baltimore Parks on Air Temperature
Heisler, Gordon
Co-Authors: Gordon Heisler, Alexis Ellis, David Nowak, Ian Yesilonis, Eric Greenfield, John Hom, Emma Noonan, Hang Ryeol Na   Text of Abstract

Modeling Nitrogen Transport and Transformation in Aquifers using a Particle Tracking Approach
Cui, Zhengtao
Co-Authors: Zhengtao Cui, Claire Welty, Reed Maxwell   Text of Abstract

Organic carbon concentrations in riparian soils along a suburban to urban gradient in Baltimore, Maryland
Noonan, Emma
Co-Authors: E. Noonan, R. Pouyat, I. Yesilonis   Text of Abstract

Preliminary evaluation of SUNA nitrate sensors in the laboratory
Grese, Melissa
Co-Authors: Melissa Grese, Sujay Kaushal, Claire Welty   Text of Abstract

Social & Geographic Stratification in Metropolitan Baltimore
Davis, Amanda
Co-Authors: Amanda Davis   Text of Abstract

Spatial Scaling of Biogeochemical Hot Spots and Hot Moments: A Hydroecological Modeling Approach
Duncan, Jonathan
Co-Authors: Jonathan Duncan, Larry Band, Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

The contribution of outfalls with dry weather perennial flow to coliform bacteria counts and nutrient concentrations in the Lower Jones Falls
Kemp, Stanley
Co-Authors: Stanley Kemp Vishal Lalwani Timothy Kaub   Text of Abstract

This is Not a Corridor
Guida, Irene
Co-Authors: Irene Guida   Text of Abstract

Using Open Source Tools for Access and Publication of Precipitation Data
Sanderson, Roxanne
Co-Authors: Roxanne Sanderson and Michael McGuire   Text of Abstract