Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2009 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

A visualization tool to explore spatio-temporal relationships in soil sensor data
Raddick, Jordan
Co-Authors: Taesung Kim, Luis Grimaldo, Jayant Gupchup, Andreas Terzis, Alex Szalay, Katalin Szlavecz

Abstract: Environmental sensor networks collect a large amount of data. For instance our soil wireless sensor network collected 3 GB of raw (unprocessed) data (unprocessed) and 38 GB of processed data (in the database) from all our deployments during the past five years. Analyzing such huge dataset can be overwhelming especially when the scientist is interested only in a subset of the data. We have developed a web interface for quick exploration of spatio-temporal features, and detection of unexpected patterns. "Grazor" (Graph + Visualize + Sensor) is a visualization tool that allows the user to navigate through the data collected by the LifeUnderYourFeet deployments. The main features of Grazor are: 1/ Locate our deployment sites using a map control; 2/ Select multiple locations and sensor types to explore the spatio-temporal correlations in the data; and 3/ Download the selected data in CSV format. Using our Cub Hill deployment data we will demonstrate the main features of the tool, and its potential in middle and high school environmental science classes.