Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2009 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Baltimore City Gwynns Falls Feasibility Study' Projects 2009 Progress Report
Spaur, Christopher
Co-Authors: Kimberly Gross

Abstract: Substantial progress has been made on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and City of Baltimore (City) environmental restoration projects in the Dead and Maidens Choice Runs subwatersheds. A feasibility report with integrated environmental assessment describing these projects was publicly released in March 2006. a) The City rehabilitated 7 miles of sanitary sewer pipeline in the mainstems of Dead and Maidens Choice Runs. USACE will credit/reimburse the City for this work. b) USACE has nearly completed construction of a stream geomorphic restoration project on Maidens Choice Run at Beechfield Elementary and Mount Saint Joseph's Schools. c) The City constructed a project on Dead Run in Leakin Park to protect a short segment of sanitary sewer pipe vulnerable to erosion. d) The City completed designs for a small wetland restoration project at Seton Keough High School. However, this will not be constructed because property owners have declined to allow use of their property for the project. e) Negotiations between the City and property owners are currently underway regarding proposed restoration of about 2 acres of wooded riparian and wetland habitat along Maidens Choice Run in Loudon Cemetery. f) A proposed sanitary sewer line protection project near Cardinal Gibbons High School is undergoing re-evaluation. City crews monitor sewage flows, stream water quality, and aquatic life in Dead and Maidens Choice Runs. The City will also monitor features of the stream project for a period of several years to maintain and ensure physical success of project features.