Baltimore Ecosystem Study Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2009 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Section 1: Presentations

100 years of forest cover change in the urbanizing Gwynns Falls watershed, Baltimore, Maryland: spatial and temporal dynamics
Zhou, Weiqi
Co-Authors: Ganlin Huang, Steward T. A. Pickett, and M. L. Cadenasso   Text of Abstract

A study and comparison of urban natural resource stewardship networks in Seattle, WA and Baltimore, MD
Romolini, Michele
Co-Authors: Michele Romolini and J. Morgan Grove   Text of Abstract

A visualization tool to explore spatio-temporal relationships in soil sensor data
Raddick, Jordan
Co-Authors: Taesung Kim, Luis Grimaldo, Jayant Gupchup, Andreas Terzis, Alex Szalay, Katalin Szlavecz   Text of Abstract

An Analysis of Stream Monitoring in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: An Opportunity for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study to Partner with Chesapeake Bay Restoration
Blomquist, Joel
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Assessing the Impact of the Urban Tree Canopy on Streamflow Response: An Extension of Physically Based Hydrologic Modeling to the Suburban Landscape
Mittman, Tamara
Co-Authors: Lawrence Band   Text of Abstract

Bringing indigenous biodiversity back into New Zealand cities
Clarkson, Bruce
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Building teachers' environmental science literacy and their capacity to foster it in their students
Berkowitz, Alan
Co-Authors: Bess Caplan, Sarah Haines   Text of Abstract

Communicating your research visually to the wired world
Walsh, Jonathan
Co-Authors: Jonathan Walsh, Jamie Hollingsworth, Adam Skibbe, Theresa Valentine   Text of Abstract

From Green to Black and Back: Asphalt Removal in Baltimore.
Buckley, Geoffrey
Co-Authors: Geoffrey L. Buckley (Ohio University) and Christopher G. Boone (Arizona State University)   Text of Abstract

Humane Metropolis Baltimore
Platt, Rutherford
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Indigenous and Scientific Water Management: Fusing Research on Urban Headwater Transformations in Northern Thailand and Metropolitan Baltimore
McGrath, Brian
Co-Authors: Brian McGrath and Danai Thaitakoo   Text of Abstract

Inflow and Transient Storage in Urban Streams: One More Reason to Protect Riparian Forests
Ryan, Robert
Co-Authors: Claire Welty, University of Maryland Baltimore County Philip Larson, University of Maryland Baltimore County   Text of Abstract

Integrating Real-Time Sensor Networks, Data Assimilation, and Predictive Modeling to Quantify the Urban Water Cycle
Welty, Claire
Co-Authors: Andrew Miller, Michael McGuire, Philip Larson, Christiane Runyan, Ed Doheny, Jonathan Dillow, Jeffrey Campbell, Aditi Bhaskar, Garth Lindner, Alimatou Seck   Text of Abstract

Methane uptake in urban forests and grasslands
Groffman, Peter
Co-Authors: Richard V. Pouyat, Karina Costa   Text of Abstract

Model-based rating curves for the expanded Gwynns Falls streamflow monitoring network
Miller, Andrew
Co-Authors: Andrew Miller, Garth Lindner, Philip Larson, and Claire Wellty, UMBC   Text of Abstract

Organic Matter and Emerging Contaminants Along an Urban River Continuum
Kaushal, Sujay
Co-Authors: Sujay S. Kaushal, Stuart E.G. Findlay, Peter M. Groffman, Kenneth T. Belt, Katie Delaney, Tamara Newcomer, Gwendolyn Stanko, and Paul M. Mayer   Text of Abstract

Parks & People, BES and Urban Resources Initiative (URI): 20 years of Linking Communities, Educators and Researcher in Baltimore City
Washington, Mary L.
Co-Authors: Mary Hardcastle and Abigail Cocke   Text of Abstract

Permanent Plot Results (Baltimore and Baltimore County) and Spatial Modeling
Nowak, David
Co-Authors: Gordon Heisler, Alexis Ellis, Satoshi Hirabayshi, Bob Hoehn, Ian Yesilonis, Dan Crane, Rich Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Road deicers and gray treefrogs: Unexpected interactions in pond food webs
Van Meter, Robin
Co-Authors: Joel Snodgrass & Christopher M. Swan   Text of Abstract

Role of Future Climate-induced Changes in Biogenic Emissions in Predictions of Future Ozone and Aerosols
Liao, Hong
Co-Authors: Wenyuan Chang   Text of Abstract

Simulating the effects of green infrastructure investment in Watershed 263
Voigt, Brian
Co-Authors: Brian Voigt and Morgan Grove   Text of Abstract

Terry Loecke
Loecke, Terry
Co-Authors: Peter Groffman Kathleen Treseder Weixing Zhu Adriel Leon   Text of Abstract

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Baltimore City Gwynns Falls Feasibility Study' Projects – 2009 Progress Report
Spaur, Christopher
Co-Authors: Kimberly Gross   Text of Abstract

Urban stream continuums and gutter subsidies: the effects of engineered “urban karst” on organic matter and lotic ecology.
Belt, Ken
Co-Authors: Belt, Kenneth, Kaushal, Sujay, Swan, Christopher, Stack, William, Pouyat, Richard, and Peter Groffman.   Text of Abstract

Section 2: Posters

A comparison of three models describing the spatial distribution of lead in urban residential soils of Baltimore, Maryland
Schwarz, Kirsten
Co-Authors: Kirsten Schwarz, Steward T.A. Pickett, Richard G. Lathrop, Kathleen C. Weathers, Richard V. Pouyat and Mary L. Cadenasso   Text of Abstract

Baltimore Partnership for Environmental Science Literacy
Caplan, Bess
Co-Authors: Bess Caplan, Tim Meyers, Trevor Shattuck, Alan R. Berkowitz, Sarah Haines   Text of Abstract

Carbon, water, and heat fluxes in relation to footprints of an eddy-covariance tower in a heterogeneous suburban landscape near Baltimore, Maryland
Saliendra, Nicanor
Co-Authors: Nicanor Saliendra*1, John Hom2, Richard Pouyat2, Gordon Heisler2, David Nowak2, Matthew Patterson2, Ian Yesilonis2, Ben Crawford3, and Sue Grimmond4 1Univ. of MD Baltimore County (UMBC), Center for Urban Environmental Research & Education (CUERE)   Text of Abstract

Characterization of Vegetation-Shallow Groundwater Interactions Along an Urban Riparian Corridor
Runyan, Christiane
Co-Authors: Christiane Runyan, Claire Welty, Philip Larson   Text of Abstract

Considerations for analyzing ecological responses to anthropogenic disturbance gradients: a case for Threshold Indicator Taxa Analysis (TITAN)
Baker, Matthew
Co-Authors: Matthew Baker and Ryan King   Text of Abstract

Coupled Human, Spatial and Metacommunity Processes: Linking Ecological Theory to Restoration Success in Urban Ecosystems
Willey, Tara
Co-Authors: K. Tara Willey and Christopher M. Swan   Text of Abstract

Dissolved Organic Carbon in Streams: The effect of hydrologic state and stormwater runoff on concentrations and fluxes along an urban stream continuum
Belt, Ken
Co-Authors: Belt, Kenneth, Kaushal, Sujay, Swan, Christopher, Stack, William, Pouyat, Richard, and Peter Groffman.   Text of Abstract

Effects of long term sewage outfall disturbance on water quality and macroinvertebrate communities in the lower Jones Falls, Baltimore, MD: preliminary results
Kemp, Stanley
Co-Authors: Stanley J. Kemp   Text of Abstract

Indigenous and Scientific Water Management: Fusing Research on Urban Headwater Transformations in Northern Thailand and Metropolitan Baltimore
McGrath, Brian
Co-Authors: Brian McGrath and Danai Thaitakoo with Mateo Pinto   Text of Abstract

Influence of Smart Growth Policy on Sewerage in the Baltimore-Metropolitan Area
Starry, Olyssa
Co-Authors: Barbara Beckingham* Melanie Harrison*, Bernadette Hanlon, Elizabeth Stanwyck#, and Olyssa Starry*   Text of Abstract

Local Scale Carbon Budgets and Mitigation Opportunities for the Northeastern United States
Raciti, Steve
Co-Authors: Steve Raciti, Timothy Fahey, Owen Bailey, Charles Driscoll, David Foster, Christine Goodale, Brian Hall, Jennifer Jenkins, Julian Jenkins, Steven Hamburg, Richard McHorney, Christopher Neill, Scott Ollinger, Erin Quigley, Ruth Sherman, David Weins   Text of Abstract

Lots of Opportunities: Managment of Vacant Lots as a Socio-ecological System
Williams, Yvette
Co-Authors: Yvette M. Williams   Text of Abstract

Modeling the spatial and temporal dynamics of nitrogen retention to assess bundled ecosystem services
Duncan, Jon
Co-Authors: Duncan, Jon Band, Larry   Text of Abstract

Sensor Technology Application: Measuring Soil CO2 Efflux
Xia, Lijun
Co-Authors: Lijun Xia,Yun Cheng, Katalin Szlavecz, Jayant Gupchup   Text of Abstract

Simulation on lawn N fertilization using socioeconomic data in household level in Baltimore city and county, Maryland
Wu, Shuxia
Co-Authors: Shuxia Wu, Lawrence E. Band, Josh Bazuin, Jim Fraser, Weiqi Zhou, J. Morgan Grove   Text of Abstract

Pennino, Michael
Co-Authors: Michael J. Pennino, Sujay Kaushal, and Sudhir Murthy   Text of Abstract

Spatial and temporal variability of soil temperature in Cub Hill Baltimore, MD
Savva, Yulia
Co-Authors: Yulia Savva, Jayant Gupchup, Katalin Szlavecz, Andreas Terzis, Alex Szalay, Doug Carlson, Razvan Musaloiu-E., Scott Pitz, Gordon Heisler   Text of Abstract

The effects of urban infrastructure on stream health in the Gwynns Falls, Baltimore MD
Dandois, Jonathan
Co-Authors: Michael Pennino, Aditi Bhaskar, Tara Willey, Garth Lindner, Jeanna Ragsdale, Jonathan Dandois   Text of Abstract

The socio-ecology of dying trees: cavity nesting birds, hazard trees, and declining urban forest canopies
Lerman, Susannah
Co-Authors: Authors: Paige S. Warren1, Brian C. P. Kane1, Charles Nilon2, Susannah B. Lerman3, and Rachel Levine1 1Department of Natural Resources Conservation, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003 2Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, Uni   Text of Abstract