Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2008 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Carbon stocks and fluxes in turfgrass: Preliminary results
Holland, Amanda
Co-Authors: Jennifer C. Jenkins, Peter M. Groffman, Mary Cadenasso, J. Morgan Grove, Steward T.A. Pickett, Richard V. Pouyat, and Mary Washington
Abstract: Residential lawns are important contributors to regional ecosystem dynamics in human-dominated landscapes, but little is known about how residential lands cycle carbon (C). We are presenting preliminary results on turfgrass biomass and productivity from a larger NSF- funded study designed to test the relative strengths of multiple drivers of C stocks and fluxes in residential landscapes. Thirty-three residential sites were selected from within the Rognel Heights, Glyndon, and Baisman Run neighborhoods of Baltimore County, Maryland. These parcels characterize residential conditions in the region and provide contrasts in urban ecosystem structure (density of coarse vegetation and built structures), historical land use, and current land management practices. Field data were collected from spring 2006 to fall 2007. In this presentation, we will present estimates of turf biomass and production based on continuous collection of lawn clippings and sequential (bimonthly) stubble/thatch cores. Soil respiration measurements were taken throughout the year at weekly intervals using a Licor-8100. Results from this work will enable us to quantify net C storage in residential turfgrass systems. The outcome of this work will provide context for understanding the impact of urban expansion on regional ecosystem dynamics.