Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2008 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Why am I in this basket and where are we floating? A longitudinal analysis of household characteristics in Baltimore’s floodplains: 1950-2000.
Grove, Morgan
Co-Authors: Grove, Dow, Murdoch, and Boone.
Abstract: Households located in floodplains are, by definition, more at risk to flooding than households located in other areas. In this research, we ask whether low-income and/or African-American households are more likely to be located in floodplain areas than affluent and/or white households in Baltimore, Maryland? Using novel dasymmetric mapping techniques, long term Census data (1950 – 2000), parcel data, and floodplain boundaries, we examine the distribution and characteristics of households over time in the floodplain areas of Baltimore’s streams and shoreline. The results from this research reflect important long term household locational dynamics in Baltimore and bear many similarities to earlier environmental justice research focused on TRI sites in Baltimore (Boone).