Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2008 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

The CarbonPlus Calculator
Twery, Mark
Co-Authors: many and various, to be added later
Abstract: This calculator is based on the structure of the U.S. EPA Personal Emissions Calculator and has been customized to use localized parameters in energy calculations. Forest Service researchers working in partnership with Boston College, University of Massachusetts, the city of Boston, and the Davey Institute initially customized the parameters for Boston. Specific calculations of the energy benefits of trees, local utilities, plus other information about the roles trees play in urban settings are being modified for Baltimore, New York, and other localities. One option that cities have in promoting its use is to channel potential donations to carbon offset programs to local projects supporting energy conservation or increasing urban tree canopy, such as TreeBaltimore. The development team now adapting the calculator to address a wide variety of circumstances applicable in Baltimore, including energy use and emissions generated by businesses and city agencies. Linking the calculator with BES through Question 3 opens opportunities to link the publicís knowledge of their carbon footprints with local data from the flux tower, the hydrological network around Baltimore, or other related topics.