Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2007 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Vortex Motion, Phi, Hydrology: Some Ideas of Viktor Schauberger on the subject of Water
Dillon, Dan
Co-Authors: Dan Dillon
Abstract: Viktor Schauberger of Austria (1885-1958) contributed greatly to the field of forestry in the early 20th century. Recognition of Schauberger's work comes from his log flume designs that use water temperature and vortex movement to transport heavier-than-water logs greater distances than previously thought possible. He nurtured his vision by working as a forester in Upper Austria. He was virtually unschooled by choice and decidedly held a grudge against Academia. His bizarre life story takes him from consulting with Hitler, to an Insane Asylum where he faced euthanasia, to a Concentration camp where he worked for the SS on various propulsion systems utilizing implosion. This poster will try to outline his life briefly with special emphasis on some of his more basic hydrology theories.