Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2007 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Elevated CO2 and ozone effects in FACE experiments compared to urban to rural gradients studies
Hom, John
Co-Authors: John Hom, Yude Pan, Steve Roberts, Matthew Patterson, Kevin Mccullough, Kate George, and Lewis Ziska
Abstract: The results from long term fumigation experiments using elevated CO2 and ozone on plant growth and carbon assimilation are compared with the results from studies using urban to rural gradients of CO2, ozone, and temperature. Results from single and combined treatments of CO2 and ozone treatments on clonal species of aspen, paper birch and sugar maple at the Rhinelander AspenFACE study are compared to comparable results from secondary succession studies along an urban to rural studies from Baltimore to Buckeystown, MD and clonal studies using cottonwood in New York urban to rural CO2 and ozone gradient studies. An ecosystem process model, PnET-CN, will provide predictions of productivity using single and multiple interactive stress of CO2 and ozone affects for the forest types found in this region as a comparison to the FACE treatments and the gradient studies.