Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2007 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

A New Weather Station for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Klofas, Julia
Co-Authors: Julia Klofas 1, Josh Cogan 1, Katalin Szlavecz 1 Gordon Heisler2 1 Johns Hopkins University 2 USDA Forest Service Northeastern Research Station
Abstract: The Vaisala WXT510 weather station offers a small, compact, and affordable way to place a weather station on top of our roof and add it to the Baltimore Ecosystem Study network. The weather station collects temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, velocity, and most importantly, rain fall. The rainfall sensor detects the size and the strength of the droplets of rain enabling it to calculate intensity and duration. The weather station can communicate with the RS-232 cable over 200 feet; the cable can also supply power, allowing the computer and power supply to be safely indoors. We calibrated the Vaisala WXT510 by taking measurements side-by-side with the BES weather station at McDonogh School. This is an end to end project: the data will be gathered then posted online at an interactive site allowing the user to control how they would like the data. The weather station will also be used for undergraduate education at Johns Hopkins University.