Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2007 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Section 1: Presentations

Baltimore Floodplains: Source or Sink or Both?
Bain, Daniel
Co-Authors: n/a   Text of Abstract

Characterizing Surface Moisture Conditions in Maryland Climate Division 6 Using Moderate Resolution Satellite Imagery
Tenenbaum, David
Co-Authors: Lawrence E. Band, Aaron Moody, Jingfeng Xiao   Text of Abstract

Describing and fostering responsive teaching in middle and high school environmental science classrooms
Berkowitz, Alan
Co-Authors: Alan R. Berkowitz1, Janet Coffey2, Sandra Honda2 and Janie Gordon1. 1 Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY 2 University of Maryland, College Park   Text of Abstract

Developing a model-based approach for assessing landscape restoration activities in Watershed 263, Baltimore, MD
voigt, brian
Co-Authors: Brian Voigt   Text of Abstract

Effects of abundant non-native earthworms on plants and soil dynamics
McCormick, Melissa
Co-Authors: Melissa K. McCormick, Katalin Szlavecz, Kenneth Parker, Timothy R. Filley, Dennis F. Whigham   Text of Abstract

Land Use and Forest Succession in the Gwynns Falls Uplands
Brush, Grace
Co-Authors: Grace S. Brush and Daniel J. Bain   Text of Abstract

Linking household characterization to patterns of vegetation: urban tree canopy market analysis
Zhou, Weiqi
Co-Authors: Morgan Grove, Austin Troy   Text of Abstract

Local Zoning Law and the Distribution of Environmental Disamenities in Baltimore: 1880 to the Present
Lord, Charlie
Co-Authors: Charlie Lord Keaton Norquist   Text of Abstract

Mapping Baltimore-Area Air Temperatures
Heisler, Gordon
Co-Authors: Gordon Heisler, Jeffrey Walton, Ian Yesilonis, David Nowak, Sue Grimmond, Richard Pouyat, Karla Hyde, Michelle Bunny, Eric Greenfield, Andrew Lee, John Hom   Text of Abstract

Mass balance as an organizing principle in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Groffman, Peter
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Measuring park equity in Baltimore using a park service area approach
Sister, Chona
Co-Authors: Christopher Boone   Text of Abstract

Particulate and Dissolved Organic Matter in Urban Streams: Fluxes, Spatial Patterns and the Effects of Urban Hydrology along the Urban Stream Continuum.
Belt, Kenneth
Co-Authors: Kenneth Belt, Sujay Kaushal, Christopher Swan, Richard Pouyat, Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

Property values, parks, and crime: a hedonic analysis in Baltimore, MD
Troy, Austin
Co-Authors: Austin Troy and Morgan Grove   Text of Abstract

Reflections on the Baltimore NURP Results, 25 Years Later
Fisher, Gary
Co-Authors: Gary T. Fisher, USGS William P. Stack, City of Baltimore Kenneth T. Belt, U.S. Forest Service   Text of Abstract

Reflections on the Baltimore NURP Results, 25 Years Later
Fisher, Gary
Co-Authors: Gary T. Fisher, USGS William P. Stack, City of Baltimore Kenneth T. Belt, U.S. Forest Service Gary T. Fisher, USGS William P. Stack, City of Baltimore Kenneth T. Belt, U.S. Forest Service Gary T. Fisher, USGS William P. Stack, City of   Text of Abstract

Resource quality and diversity implications for detritivore inter- and intra-specific interactions
Burgess, Jerry
Co-Authors: Swan, Christopher M, Szlavecz, Katalin, and Poudel, Amir   Text of Abstract

Social Predictors of Urban Vegetation Condition and Management on Residential Landscapes in Baltimore, Maryland
Lidman, Ashley
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Spatial and Temporal Variability of In-Stream Nitrogen Processing in a Suburbanizing Watershed
Claessens, Luc
Co-Authors: Christina Tague, Lawrence E. Band, Peter M. Groffman and Stephen T. Kenworthy   Text of Abstract

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Soil Properties and Processes in Urban Landscapes
Pouyat, Richard
Co-Authors: R.V. Pouyat, P.M. Groffman, K. Szlavecz, I.D. Yesilonis, and Q. Holifield   Text of Abstract

Spatial heterogeneity and ecosystem function: the theoretical motivation of HERCULES
Cadenasso, Mary
Co-Authors: S.T.A. Pickett   Text of Abstract

Teacher professional community as a framework for studying SURGES, a school-based urban rural ecosystem study program
Honda, Sandra
Co-Authors: Sandra Honda, Janie Gordon, Alan Berkowitz, Janet Coffey, Terrence Grant,Deborah Kinder, and Shanmugavel Rajendran   Text of Abstract

Testing Hypotheses Regarding Nitrate Deposition Patterns and NOx Sources to Landscapes Using Stable Isotope Techniques
Elliott, Emily M.
Co-Authors: Kendall, Doug A. Burns, Elizabeth W. Boyer, Karen Harlin   Text of Abstract

The Soil Biota of the Urban Landscape: Patterns in European and American Cities.
Szlavecz, Katalin
Co-Authors: E. Hornung, C. Csuzdi, Z. Korsos, F. Vilisics, R. Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Why I watch the grass grow: Attaching ecological significance to lawn management in residential areas.
Lilly, Paul
Co-Authors: Paul J. Lilly, Jennifer C. Jenkins   Text of Abstract

Section 2: Posters

A New Weather Station for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Klofas, Julia
Co-Authors: Julia Klofas 1, Josh Cogan 1, Katalin Szlavecz 1 Gordon Heisler2 1 Johns Hopkins University 2 USDA Forest Service Northeastern Research Station   Text of Abstract

An empirical analysis of stream chemical loads in headwater reaches in Baltimore County, MD
Smith, Monica
Co-Authors: Monica Lipscomb Smith, Lawrence E. Band, and Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

Cation Chemistry in Baltimore Streams
Mehta, Amar
Co-Authors: Amar Mehta, Daniel Bain, Ken Belt, Peter Groffman, Sujay Kaushal, Rich Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Chemical composition, bioavailability, and ecological significance of organic nitrogen in urban streams
Delaney, Katie
Co-Authors: Katie Delaney and Sujay Kaushal   Text of Abstract

Effectiveness of Street Sweeping as a Stormwater Best Management Practice
DiBlasi, Catherine
Co-Authors: Catherine DiBlasi, Dr. Upal Ghosh, Dr. Neely Law   Text of Abstract

Effects of earthworm density and species on soil CO2 flux
Xia, Lijun
Co-Authors: Lijun Xia, Katalin Szlavecz, Jerry Burgess, Chris Swan   Text of Abstract

Efficiency of a constructed wetland in improving water quality in an urban stream
Stanko, Gwendolyn
Co-Authors: Gwendolyn M. Stanko, Kenneth T. Belt, Erle C. Ellis, Richard V. Pouyat, Peter M. Groffman   Text of Abstract

Elevated CO2 and ozone effects in FACE experiments compared to urban to rural gradients studies
Hom, John
Co-Authors: John Hom, Yude Pan, Steve Roberts, Matthew Patterson, Kevin Mccullough, Kate George, and Lewis Ziska   Text of Abstract

Green Belt Planning in Edinburgh and Baltimore: A Cross-site Comparison
McCarty, Erin
Co-Authors: Erin G. McCarty   Text of Abstract

How attention to "the scientific method" influences student participation in scientific inquiry
Xiaowei Tang
Co-Authors: Xiaowei Tang, Daniel Levin, Janet Coffey   Text of Abstract

Isotopic investigation of anthropogenic sources of atmospheric nitrogen and carbon to vegetation along an urban to rural gradient
Middlecamp, Katherine
Co-Authors: Katherine Middlecamp1, Emily M. Elliott1, John Hom2 1. Department of Geology & Planetary Science, University of Pittsburgh 2. Northern Global Change Research Program, U.S. Forest Service   Text of Abstract

Landuse effects on surface soil metal and nutrient concentration in Washington, D.C.
Grese, Melissa
Co-Authors: Melissa Grese, Ian Yesilonis, Richard Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Modeling carbon storage and sequestration potential in urban soils using the CENTURY model.
Trammell, Tara
Co-Authors: Tara Trammell, Richard Pouyat, Margaret Carreiro, and Ian Yesilonis   Text of Abstract

Nitrogen and root dynamics in urban forest patches
Zhu, Weixing
Co-Authors: B.A. Egitto and W.X. Zhu   Text of Abstract

Particulate Organic Matter in Urban Streams: TSS and FPOM Concentrations and Transport.
Runyan, Christiane
Co-Authors: Kenneth Belt, Christiane Runyan, William Greenwood, and Istvan Turcsanyi   Text of Abstract

Patchiness in Microbial Nitrogen Cycling Processes in Forested and Urban Streams
Harrison, Melanie
Co-Authors: M.D.Harrison╣ and P.Groffman▓, ╣Univeristy of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD and ▓Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook, NY   Text of Abstract

Patterns of headwater stream burial due to urbanization in the mid-Atlantic U.S.
Elmore, Andrew
Co-Authors: Andrew J. Elmore and Sujay S. Kaushal   Text of Abstract

Relative importance of carbon sources for denitrification in hyporheic zones as a potential indicator of stream restoration success in piedmont streams of the Baltimore LTER
Newcomer, Tamara
Co-Authors: Tamara Newcomer* and Sujay Kaushal, PhD.   Text of Abstract

Response of Forest Soil Properties to Urbanization Gradients in Three Metropolitan Areas
Pouyat, Richard
Co-Authors: Richard V. Pouyat, Ian D. Yesilonis, Katalin Szlavecz, Csaba Csuzdi, Elizabeth Hornung, Zoltan Korsˇs, Jonathan Russell-Anelli, Vincent Giorgio   Text of Abstract

Suspended Solids and Particulate Organic Matter in Urban Streams: Hydrologic drivers.
Watts, Tonya
Co-Authors: Kenneth Belt, Tonya Watts, Christiane Runyan, William Greenwood, and Istvan Turcsanyi   Text of Abstract

Toxic dinoflagellate blooms in the Inner Harbor, Baltimore MD and a proposal for real-time continuous monitoring of water quality in this highly visible urban environment
Adolf, Jason
Co-Authors: Jason E. Adolf and Allen R. Place   Text of Abstract

Twenty years of soil change in Central Park, New York
Noonan, Emma
Co-Authors: Emma Noonan, Ian Yesilonis, Rich Pouyat, Matthew Brown   Text of Abstract

Understanding urban the environmental education landscape: A multi-city program inventory
Berkowitz, Alan
Co-Authors: Alan R. Berkowitz, Dawn Chavez, Heather Langford, Janie Gordon, Tara Tayyabkhan   Text of Abstract

Vortex Motion, Phi, Hydrology: Some Ideas of Viktor Schauberger on the subject of Water
Dillon, Dan
Co-Authors: Dan Dillon   Text of Abstract

Water quality in a restored urban stream, Pittsburgh, PA
Sikora, Marion
Co-Authors: Marion Sikora, Daniel J. Bain, Emily M. Elliott Department of Geology & Planetary Science, University of Pittsburgh   Text of Abstract

Wireless Sensors for Soil Monitoring: Lessons from two Deployments
Cogan, Josh
Co-Authors: K. Szlavecz, R. Musaloiu-E., A Terzis, J. Cogan, A. Szalay, C. Liang, J. Gupchup, L. Xia, Stuart Ozer   Text of Abstract