" BES Project Abstracts 2006
Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2006 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Soil Carbon Densities of Urban and Rural Forest Soils of the North Central and Northeastern United States
Khimsuksri, Dusita
Co-Authors: I.D. Yesilonis, D. Khimsuksri, R.V. Pouyat, C.H. Perry, and W. Hager
Abstract: Our objective was to improve the accuracy and precision of soil carbon estimates in rural and urban forest soils in the north central and northeastern United States by developing a generalized model of soil carbon based upon the USDA NRCS soil survey data and that collected by the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program of the USDA Forest Service. The model will help validate landscape-scale models of soil carbon and determine soil carbon sequestration of natural, managed, and urban soils at local, state, regional, and national scales. We report here on preliminary results of data summarized from the NRCS National Soil Characterization database. Soil organic carbon (SOC) densities for pedons were calculated where the data was available. Only those pedons with characterized mineral horizons and data of coarse fragment percentage, oven dried bulk density, and organic C concentration were included. In those cases where data was not available to 1 m we extrapolated to this depth if a C horizon was reached in the pedon characterization. Close to 1,000 pedons had the data required to calculate SOC densities to a 1-m depth. Preliminary analysis suggests that soils that are currently forested have lower SOC densities than densities predicted using climate variables.