" BES Project Abstracts 2006
Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2006 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Identifying opportunities and evaluating stormwater practices in ultra-urban catchments
Law, Neely
Co-Authors: S.C. Hoyt.
Abstract: A Stormwater Management Strategy was developed for Catchment O in Watershed 263 that identified pollutant sources and recommended stormwater treatment practices to reduce pollutant loadings in this ultra-urban environment. Street sweeping and storm drain cleanouts are practices within the Catchment, but little is know about their effectiveness. The Center is working with the City of Baltimore, Baltimore County, UMBC and USDA Forest Service-BES to better understand the impact street sweeping and storm drain cleanouts have on reducing sediment and nutrient loadings to surface water. Based on a conceptual model, it is estimated that street sweeping may have pick-up efficiencies up to for 32% TSS and close to 10% for TP and TN. Survey results indicate that few communities within the Chesapeake Bay are sweeping at a frequency to achieve water quality benefits from this practice. A second project is the construction of a Watershed 263 BMP Theme Park. Based on recommendations from the Strategy, five to seven stormwater retrofits will be designed and constructed. These variations of biofiltration and sand filters will fit into the streetscape. As of September 2006, potential sites were narrowed based on their technical feasibility. The next steps will include the selection of the final locations and design details based on public input. Construction drawings will be prepared in the winter of 2007.