" BES Project Abstracts 2006
Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2006 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Presentation:    A comparison of soil characteristics in Cub Hill and watershed 263 stratified by an Ecotope landuse/cover classification system.
Yesilonis, Ian
Co-Authors: R. Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    A Comparison of Soil Organic Carbon Stocks Between Residential Turf Grass and Native Soil
Pouyat, Richard
Co-Authors: Richard V. Pouyat, Ian D. Yesilonis1, and Nancy E. Golubiewski   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Altered Hydrology & Vegetation: Effects on the Transport and Breakdown of Organic Matter in Urban Streams
Placeholder, Presentation
Co-Authors: K. T. Belt, C. Swan, R. V. Pouyat, S. Kaushal, P. M. Groffman, I. Turcsanyi, W. P. Stack, G. T. Fisher   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    An Object-oriented Approach for Analysing and Characterizing Urban Landscape at the Parcel Level
Zhou, Weiqi
Co-Authors: Austin Troy   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Behavioral effects on wildlife due to increased studies
Tommy, Parker
Co-Authors: Parker, T, Charles H. Nilon   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Biofilm vs. sediment: relative contributions to accumulation of trace elements in Rana sylvatica larvae
Wright, Liz
Co-Authors: Marjorie E. Wright, Casey Jackson, Valerie A. Schmidt, Joel W. Snodgrass, Ryan E. Casey   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Carbon flux associated with management and disturbance, along an urban to rural gradient from Baltimore, MD to the New Jersey Pine Barrens
Hom, John
Co-Authors: Kenneth Clark, Nick Skowronski , Sue Grimmond, Matt Patterson, Ben Crawford, Brian Offerle, and Ian Yesilonis   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Chemical and Biological Impacts of Roadway Derived Contaminants Entering Stormwater Retention Systems
Lev, Steven
Co-Authors: Casey, R., Landa, E. R.*, Lev, S. M. and Snodgrass, J. Urban Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory, Towson University, Towson, MD *U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division- National Research Program, Reston, VA   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Developing a model-based approach for assessing landscape restoration activities in Watershed 263, Baltimore, MD
Voigt, Brian
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Ecosystem Education in Action: Project BLUE and Environmental Justice Summer
Doebber, Rachel
Co-Authors: Amy McCauley, Tamara Mittman, Nicole Fernandes and George Friday   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Effectiveness of Street Sweeping and Storm Drain Cleanouts as Stormwater BMP’s
DiBlasi, Catherine
Co-Authors: Catherine DiBlasi (UMBC Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering - MS student), Dr. Upal Ghosh (UMBC Civil & Environmental Engineering)   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Environmental Justice of Open Space Amenities in Baltimore
Boone, Christopher
Co-Authors: Boone, C., J. Morgan Grove   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Forest Management Plan Development for Oregon Ridge Park
Twery, Mark
Co-Authors: Mark Twery, Len Wrabel, and Don Outen   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Greening Schoolyards in Baltimore
Layton, Stephen
Co-Authors: Rachel Doebber   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Identifying opportunities and evaluating stormwater practices in ultra-urban catchments
Law, Neely
Co-Authors: S.C. Hoyt.   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    In-stream nitrogen processing in degraded and restored urban streams
Klocker, Carolyn
Co-Authors: Sujay Kaushal (UMCES), Peter Groffman (IES) and Paul Mayer (EPA)   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Investigating the extent of earthworm-driven physical and chemical alteration of roadway-derived dust in urban soils
Carroll, Whitney
Co-Authors: W. Carroll, S. M. Lev, K. Szlavecz, E. R. Landa, R. Casey and J. Snodgrass   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Linking the Ecology of Food Production to Nutrition: If I Am What I Eat I'm In Trouble
Placeholder, Poster
Co-Authors: Janie Gordon, Emily Reisner, Alan Berkowitz, Monica Logan   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    LTER Network Planning Grant: Status and Activities
Placeholder, Presentation
Co-Authors: Cadenasso, M.L.   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Mercury dynamics in an urban watershed ecosystem
Bushey, Joe
Co-Authors: Joseph T. Bushey, Peter M. Groffman, Charles T. Driscoll, Gary T. Fisher   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Mid-summer emergence of chironomid taxa in streams spanning a gradient of watershed urbanization
Gresens, Susan
Co-Authors: Alyson Paul and Susan Gresens   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    MIRTHE and the BES: Measurements of the Coupled Water, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles in Urban Environments
Smith, Jim
Co-Authors: Kathy Szlavecz (The Johns Hopkins University) and Claire Welty (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    One Park Baltimore: A Concept for the Renewal and Use of Parks and Open Space in the City of Baltimore
Carrera, Jackie
Co-Authors: Angela Smith   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons affect survival and development of common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) embryos and hatchlings
Van Meter, Robin
Co-Authors: Robin J. Van Meter, James R. Spotila and Harold W. Avery   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Predicting Opportunities for Greening and Patterns of Vegetation on Private Urban Lands
Troy, Austin
Co-Authors: Austin Troy, Morgan Grove, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne, Mary Cadenasso, Steward Pickett   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Pre-Restoration Geomorphic and Sediment Conditions of Minebank Run, Baltimore County, Maryland
Doheny, Ed
Co-Authors: Edward J. Doheny, U.S. Geological Survey, and Paul M. Mayer, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Prospects and Perils for Urban Forestry and Ecosystem Services: Application and Research in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study
Grove, Morgan
Co-Authors: Austin Troy and Matthew Wilson   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Psychosocial Services Provided by Urban Ecosystems: Another Economic Valuation Approach
Wolf, Kathleen
Co-Authors: Dr. Kathleen L. Wolf   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Reading the landscape: exploring history of buried floodplains and socioeconomic conditions for storm water management in the Gwynn Falls Watershed
Williams, Yvette
Co-Authors: Yvette M. Williams   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Reforesting Baltimore: Challenges Past and Present
Buckley, Geoffrey
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Residential Carbon: Stocks and fluxes in residential ecosystems
Jenkins, Jennifer
Co-Authors: Peter Groffman, Mary Cadenasso, Mary Cox, J. Morgan Grove, Steward Pickett, Rich Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Soil Carbon Densities of Urban and Rural Forest Soils of the North Central and Northeastern United States
Khimsuksri, Dusita
Co-Authors: I.D. Yesilonis, D. Khimsuksri, R.V. Pouyat, C.H. Perry, and W. Hager   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Sources and transformations of nitrate in streams draining an urban landscape of the mid-Atlantic U.S.
Kaushal, Sujay
Co-Authors: Sujay S. Kaushal (UMCES), Peter M. Groffman (IES), Lawrence E. Band (UNC), Emily M. Elliott (USGS), and Carol Kendall (USGS)   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Takings vs. Givings: Science and Policy in Riparian Setback Zoning
Schwartz, Stu
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    The Effect of Residential Properties on Breeding Bird Diversity in Urban Forest Patches
Carlson, Chrissa
Co-Authors: Mary L. Cadenasso, Gary W. Barrett   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    The Historical Geography of Racial and Ethnic Access Within Baltimore's Carroll Park: 1870-1954.
Wells, James
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Poster:    The Spatial Dynamics of Lead Levels in Urban Soil and Correlations with Land Cover in Baltimore, Maryland.
Schwarz, Kirsten
Co-Authors: Schwarz, K., S.T.A. Pickett, M.L. Cadenasso, R.V. Pouyat, and I.D. Yesilonis   Text of Abstract

Poster:    The Suburban to Urban to Ultra Urban Gradient: Comparison of Water Quality in Small Streams from Baltimore City to Cub Hill
Turcsanyi, Istvan
Co-Authors: Turcsanyi, I., J. Quin, K. T. Belt,* W. P. Stack, R. V. Pouyat, R. McCauley, P. M. Groffman, G. Heisler, D. Dillon and M. Cherigo   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Towards a Theory of Urban Land Cover Classification and a Multidimensional Approach to Spatial Heterogeneity of Cities Integrating Natural Features and Social Artifacts.
Cadenasso, Mary
Co-Authors: Cadenasso, M.L.1, S.T.A. Pickett2, and K. Schwarz2, W. Zhou3, A. Troy3, J.M. Grove4, and C.G.Boone5. 1. University of California, Davis, 2. Institute of Ecosystem Studies, Millbrook NY, 3. University of Vermont, Burlington, 4. USDA Forest Serv   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Towards Geographies of Consumption: Measuring energy consumption from transportation in metropolitan areas
Neff, Rob
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Toxicity of zinc and tire amended aged soils to Rana sylvatica
Casey, Ryan
Co-Authors: Camponelli K.M., Snodgrass J.W., Landa, E.R. and Casey R.E.   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Urban Tree Canopy assessment and goal setting: Case study from Baltimore
Galvin, Michael
Co-Authors: J. Morgan Grove and Jarlath P.M. O'Neil-Dunne   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    USDA Forest Service Adopt A School Program at Franklin Square Elementary School, Baltimore City Public School System Baltimore, Maryland
Holifield, Quin
Co-Authors: Quin Holifield and Janie Gordon   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Variance and Extremes of Thermal Fluxes and Temperatures in Urban Streams: the Effects of Impervious Surface Cover and Runoff
Kim, Hyun_Jin
Co-Authors: Hyun Jin Kim (UMBC), Kenneth Belt (US Forest Service), Claire Welty (CUERE, UMBC), Richard Pouyat (US Forest Service), Gordon Heisler (US Forest Service), Mike McGuire (CUERE), and William Stack (Baltimore City Department of Public Works)   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Watershed 263 Community Update
Friday, George
Co-Authors:   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Watershed 263 Small Headwater Storm Drain Catchment Hydrology: Ultra Urban Hotspot?
Belt, Kenneth
Co-Authors: K. T. Belt, W. P. Stack, R. V. Pouyat, G. T. Fisher, G. Heisler, P. M. Groffman   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    What is the urban environmental education “landscape” in 6 northeast cities? Preliminary results from the UEC Urban Environmental Education Inventory.
Berkowitz, Alan
Co-Authors: Alan R. Berkowitz, IES Janie Gordon, IES Rebecca Bell, MDE Ashley Traut, BES   Text of Abstract