" BES Project Abstracts 2005
Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2005 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Using the U.S. Geological Survey's Comprehensive Urban Ecosystem Studies (CUES) Program to Aid Environmental Research in the Baltimore, Maryland Metropolitan Area
Ladino, Cassandra, Paul Hearn, John Aguinaldo
Abstract: The U.S. Geological Survey’s Comprehensive Urban Ecosystems Studies (CUES) project utilizes USGS data and science expertise to develop decision support tools and other practical applications to help meet critical needs facing the Nation’s urban areas. Issues addressed by CUES include vulnerability of water resources; natural hazards (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, drought, landslides, and wildfires); consequences of urban growth, homeland security, and the conservation and protection of parks; wildlife refuges, and other natural resources. The CUES effort in Baltimore is focused on providing local - scale geographic data and science applications to the scientific community and to local government agencies. Key issues include sustainability of water resources and the effects of urban growth on the environment. The CUES project is gathering and compiling geographic and other environmental data relevant to environmental issues and making these data available to the public via the internet through the CUES website. This work will be expanded in 2006 through a developing partnership with the Baltimore Ecosystem Study. The internet map viewer interface of the Baltimore CUES website is built from ESRI’s ArcIMS software and currently uses the same design as USGS’s The National Map. The USGS is continually improving the internet map viewer to give its interface more functionality and the ability to run environmental analysis applications. Web developments and partnerships will enable users to combine USGS datasets with other scientific datasets from CUES partners in an enhanced internet map viewer. As a result, the CUES internet map interface will aid research on environmental issues in Baltimore.