" BES Project Abstracts 2005
Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2005 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Lawn management practices and the effects on soil nutrient concentrations in Cub Hill
Kelly Mcmanus, Ian Yesilonis, Jonathan Russell-Anelli, and Richard Pouyat
Abstract: The relationship between residential lawn care and the input of nitrogen to urban watersheds has been studied as part of Baltimore Ecosystem Study (e.g. Law et. al.). As a comparison to this study we conducted a lawn care survey of several lawns in the Cub Hill area of Baltimore County, Maryland. This analysis compared soil samples taken from lawns to the total yearly amounts of N, P, and K that landowners applied based upon their response to survey questions indicating what type of fertilizer they applied, how much fertilizer they used per application, and how frequently they used the product. We will investigate the relationships between management practices and soil concentrations and compare them to the Law et. al. study.