" BES Project Abstracts 2005
Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2005 BES Annual Meeting Presentation and Poster Abstracts

Poster:    16S rRNA -based diversity of culturable stream water bacteria: urban, agricultural and forested land use
Kenneth T Belt, Christina Hohn, Aiah Gbakima, and James A Higgins   Text of Abstract

Poster:    A cost-effective stormwater management plan for a urban watershed --Pond or Bioretention?
Jason Zhao, Ken Belt, Richard Pouyat, Upal Ghosh   Text of Abstract

Poster:    A tale of two flowpaths: stream-sanitary line exchange in an urban watershed
C. Shields, M. Lipscomb, K. Belt, L. Band   Text of Abstract

Poster:    A Wireless Sensor Network for Soil Monitoring
Josh Cogan, Katalin Szlavecz, Razvan Musaloiu-E., Andreas Terzis, Alex Szalay, Sam Small   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Breakdown of Sycamore Leaf Litter in Small Urban and Forested Streams: The Effects of Altered Hydrology and Landscape Position
Ken Belt, Christopher Swan, Richard Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Calcium concentration in soil and soil invertebrates in residential soils along an urban to rural gradient
Christina Wong, Richard Pouyat, Katalin Szlavecz, Peter Mara, Ryan Casey, Steve Lev   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Carbon dioxide fluxes in a suburban area of Baltimore, MD: 2002-2004
Ben Crawford*, C.S.B Grimmond*, J. Hom†, B.D. Offerle*, D. Golub†, M. Patterson† *Indiana University, Bloomington, IN †U.S. Forest Service, Northeast Research Station   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Carbon Storage by Urban Soils
Pouyat, R.V., Yesilonis, I.D., and D. Nowak   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Characterizing the ecosystem service of pollination in New York City community gardens
Caitlin Bell Kevin Cox   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Cylburn Arboretum Forest Inventory
Mark J. Twery, Rob Northrop, and Christine Duce   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Differential growth of the invasive Amynthas hilgendorfi in the laboratory and field
Miriam Vishniac, Andrew Yang, Katalin Szlavecz   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Exploring the Peabody Heights Improvement Association File, 1909 – 1933
  Text of Abstract

  Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Geomorphology of the urban channel-floodplain system
James Smith   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Heavy Metal Variations in Residential Soil Communities Along an Urban to Rural Gradient
Wong, C., L. Murawski, R.V. Pouyat, K. Szlavecz, P. Marra, S. Lev, and R. Casey   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Highlighting Parks & People's Environmental Education Program at Gilmor Edison Elementary
Rachel Doebber   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Historical land use and vegetation gradients along a rural to urban riparian zone
Grace S. Brush   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    How is ecology being taught in Baltimore Schools? A preliminary report from the Ecology Teaching Study
Alan R. Berkowitz, Janet Coffey, Janie Gordon, Carol Rinke, Stephanie Marudas and Becky Bell   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Humans in the urban food web: Emerging insights from Phoenix and Baltimore
P. Tarrant, E. Adley, J. M. Grove, E. Shochat, and S. Faeth   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Hydraulic conductivity and hyporheic exchange in Indian Creek, an urban stream
Robert J. Ryan, Michel C. Boufadel (Temple University)   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Invasive Soil Invertebrates and N-Cycling
Katalin Szlavecz, Katarina Juhaszova and Peter Groffman   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Jennifer C. Jenkins
Peter M. Groffman, Mary Cadenasso, J. Morgan Grove, Mary Cox, Steward T.A. Pickett, Richard V. Pouyat, and Ryan D. Boylan   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Lawn management practices and the effects on soil nutrient concentrations in Cub Hill
Kelly Mcmanus, Ian Yesilonis, Jonathan Russell-Anelli, and Richard Pouyat   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Leaf Litter Sources, Composition, Transport and Breakdown in Small Urban Streams: The Effects of Altered Hydrology and Upland Riparian Zones
Kenneth T. Belt, Christopher Swan, Richard Pouyat, Andrew Miller and Sujay Kaushal   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Long-term ecological changes in urban and suburban Baltimore landscapes
Erle C. Ellis   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Mapping Historical Lifestyle Clusters for the Gwynns Falls Watershed.
Boone, Christopher G., Runser-Turner, Caroline   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Markets for Preserving Farmland: The Use of TDRs in Maryland
Virginia McConnell, UMBC Economics Department Nick Kelly, Graduate Student, Public Policy   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Modeling tree effects on runoff generation in an urban catchment
Jun Wang, Theodore Endreny, David Nowak   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Modeling, Visualizing, and Mining Hydrologic Spatial Hierarchies For Knowledge Discovery in Water Quality Management
Aryya Gangopadhyay   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Molecular ecology of E. coli in metro area waters
James Higgins, Sally Hornor*, Christina Hohn, and Kenneth Belt**. USDA-ARS, Beltsville, MD; *Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MD; **USDA Forest Service/ BES /UMBC, Catonsville, MD.   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Movement patterns and patch fidelity of bees and butterflies in urban parks and gardens
Kevin M. Cox and Gail A. Langellotto   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Phytogeographic distribution of the invasive perennial weed mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris L.)
Jacob Barney   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Reconceptualizing land cover in urban areas to improve understanding of landscape structure and ecosystem function
Mary Cadenasso and Steward Pickett   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Remotely Sensing Analysis of Urban Land Cover Components
Sangbum Lee   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Riparian soil moisture heterogeneity: implications for nitrogen source-sink dynamics
Lipscomb, M., Shields, C. Band, L., and Groffman, P.   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Soil Respiration Along an Urban to Rural Gradient in the Mid-Atlantic United States.
K. George and Q. Holifield   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Spatial Differences in Air Temperatures in and Near Baltimore, MD
Gordon Heisler, Baohua Tao, Jeffrey Walton, Richard Grant, Richard Pouyat, Ian Yesilonis, Andrea Taylorson, David Schindler, David Nowak, and Ken Belt   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Spatial organization of households and lifestyles as environmental drivers
A.R. Troy, J.P.M. O'Neil-Dunne, M. L. Cadenasso, S.T.A. Pickett, and W.R. Burch, Jr.,   Text of Abstract

Poster:    The contribution of soil respiration to urban carbon dynamics at Cub Hill in response to global change
Q. HOLIFIELD, J. L. HOM and M. PATTERSON.   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    The ecological and aesthetic functions of urban detritus
  Text of Abstract

Presentation:    The Integration of the Environment across the Curriculum at an Urban High School: A Case Study
  Text of Abstract

Presentation:    The Nature of the Urban Ecosysem: What Would Tansley Do?
  Text of Abstract

Presentation:    The Relationship Between Breeding Bird Diversity in Urban Forest Patches and Human-Mediated Resources Located in the Surrounding Neighborhood Matrix.
Chrissa Carlson, Mary Cadenasso, Gary Barrett   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    The State of the Suburbs: An examination of Inner Suburbs in Baltimore, 1980 to 2000
Bernadette Hanlon and Thomas J. Vicino   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    The State of the Suburbs: An examination of Inner Suburbs in Baltimore, 1980 to 2000
Bernadette Hanlon and Thomas Vicino   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Trends in Development, Subdivision Density, and the Demand for TDRs: Application to Montgomery County, Maryland”
Francis Nicholas Kelly III   Text of Abstract

Jill Engel-Cox, Raymond Hoff, Shobha Kondragunta, Kevin McCann, Kamonayi Mubenga, Ana Prados, and Ray Rogers   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Urban Ecology Education: The Who, What, Where & When Update for Baltimore
Ashley Traut, Alan Berkowitz   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Urban forest structure of WS263
Nowak, D.J., B. Smith, R.V. Pouyat, I.D. Yesilonis   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Using the U.S. Geological Survey's Comprehensive Urban Ecosystem Studies (CUES) Program to Aid Environmental Research in the Baltimore, Maryland Metropolitan Area
Ladino, Cassandra, Paul Hearn, John Aguinaldo   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Variations in Calcium and Arthropod Abundance in Residential Yards along an Urban to Rural Gradient
Murawski, L., C. Wong, K. Szlavecz, R.V. Pouyat, P. Marra, S. Lev, and C. Ryan   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Watershed 263 Small Headwater Storm Drain Catchment Hydrology: Update on Water Quality Results
Belt, K. T., Pouyat, R. V., Stack W. P., Heisler, G., Groffman, P.M., Ghosh, U., Taylorson, A., Schindler, D. and Zhou, J.   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Watershed 263 soil metal and nutrient distribution
Richard Pouyat, Ben Smith, Abe Kloze, and Kate Donovan   Text of Abstract

Presentation:    Watershed 263 Today and Beyond
George Friday and Bill Stack   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Watershed 263 Update
Frank Rodgers, George Friday   Text of Abstract

Poster:    Wyman Park as a Case Study of an Ecological Assessment of an Urban Natural Area
Pouyat, R.V., E. Schmitt, F. Spero, and A. Draddy   Text of Abstract