Demographic and Socioeconomic Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Watershed 263, Baltimore City, Maryland
Morgan Grove, A. Vemuri, W.R. Burch, M. Wilson, B. Smith, J. Freedman, and G. Hager

To assess, monitor, and evaluate (M&E) the social ecological conditions of Watershed 263, the demographic and socioeconomic team (DemSoc) of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study (BES) has developed and applied a number of data collection and analysis tools. In this presentation, we summarize the goals for our W263 effort, questions we will be able to answer with our assessment and M&E, methods, and preliminary results. We conclude with a brief discussion of next steps for the project.

Keywords: Demographic, Socioeconomic, Water, Household Survey, Watershed 263, Restoration, Assessment, Monitoring, Evaluation

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