Greening - Strengthen Communites, Pathways to Change
Friday, George

Imagine a child who opens their door everyday to trash filled streets and walks past vacant lots that have become dumping sites on her/his way to school.
One day the child opens the door to clean streets, and green spaces with beautiful plants and full trees. S/he sees adults maintaining these green beautiful spaces not just for one day but for one week, then another.
Do you think this would make a difference in this child's life? Would you be willing to help create that difference?
This is the challenge the residents of WS 263 are hearing as Parks and People are inviting them to take on part of planning and implementing strategies for water treatment and monitoring.
The presentation will review work to date and share expectations for the ongoing development of community based education and stewardship.
In particular we will highlight the dilemma of garnering and sustaining community engagement among residents whose own sense of self, hope and ability may be so low that they hesitate to participate in or maintain community changes.

Keywords: community, greening, change

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