Neighborhood Open Space Management: Community Greening Survey and Land Trust Strategies for Baltimore City
Adam Block, Guy Hager and Mary Cox
During the summer of 2003, Parks & People’s Urban Resources Initiative undertook research in conjunction with the Charm City Land Trusts to determine the extent of interest in permanent protection, through ownership or other means, of community-managed open space in Baltimore City. We sent surveys to 109 community stewards, and received 50 valid responses. Among those responses, nearly half of projects were flower garden/beautification projects, 82% were initiated to eliminate neighborhood blight, and 34% indicated an interest in permanent protection. Indicators of long-term project sustainability included number of community volunteers, project duration, special and community events at the project site. Results also highlighted the importance of community “ownership,” and the sense of empowerment that residents gain from these projects, which permanent ownership and protection would enhance.
Keywords: Neighborhood, Open Space Management, Baltimore

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