The Relationship between Recreation and Environmental Perception and Behavioral Intentions in the Gwynns Falls Watershed, Baltimore, Maryland
Grove, J.M, Burch, W.R., Jr., Wilson, M., Walker, L. Amanda
We test the hypothesis that different types of recreation (water / land, active / passive) are associated with watershed knowledge, environmental perceptions, and environmental behaviors. Using data from the Baltimore Ecosystem Study household telephone survey (2000)and PRIZM classification of US Census Block Groups for the Gwynns Falls watershed, we test the relationship between 11 types of recreation; watershed knowledge; environmental perceptions of neighborhood cleanliness, parks, safety, air quality and water quality; and environmental behaviors related to watershed conservation such as recreation fees, taxes, legislation, volunteer activities, and education. We present statistical and cartographic results of our analyses.
Keywords: Gwynns Falls, watershed, recreation, environmental perception and behaviors, knowledge

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