Observations of local-scale heat, water, momentum and C02 fluxes at Cub Hill, Baltimore

Sue Grimmond, Indiana University
Brian Offerle, Indiana University
John Hom, USDA Forest Service (presenter)
Dan Golub, USDA Forest Service

Current understanding of heat and water fluxes in urban environments derives largely from short-term, summertime, observation programs at a restricted number of sites (largely, though not exclusively, residential areas in North America). Urban observations of CO2 fluxes are even more limited. In the last year, we have initiated a new measurement program at a residential site in the Cub Hill area of Baltimore, USA. The objective is to measure heat, water and CO2 fluxes all year round. In this talk we will outline details of the observations that are being made and the methods that are being used. Some preliminary results will be presented. These will be discussed in the context of other urban studies. Problems that have been encountered will be outlined.

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