Baltimore Metropolitan Water Resource Gwynn's Falls feasibility Study: Status Report

Christopher Spaur, US Army Corps of Engineers

The Corps of Engineers, Baltimore County, and City of Baltimore implemented an environmental restoration study of the Gwynns Falls watershed in 1996. The study focused on restoration of instream, wetland, and riparian habitats, as well as retrofit of stormwater management features. Baltimore County has since withdrawn from the study.

Field data was collected documenting geomorphologic stability and instream habitat conditions of streams of the watershed, and wetlands were assessed. Based on this and other supplementary data, two of the most degraded subwatersheds of the Gwynns Falls watershed were selected for detailed investigation of restoration opportunities: Dead Run and Maiden's Choice Run. Investigation of restoration opportunities within these two subwatersheds was conducted, and several potential sites for instream, wetland, and riparian habitat restoration; sewer line protection; and retrofit of stormwater management features were selected for detailed design work. Currently, design work is about to begin for these projects.

Contractors (URS Corporation) working for the City concurrently with the Corps-City study have assessed the condition of the sewer systems in Dead Run and Maiden's Choice Run and identified substantial interactions between the sanitary sewers, groundwater, and streams. URS Corporation has formulated proposals for sewer rehabilitation work to correct sewer system deficiencies. The Baltimore District Corps is seeking permission from Washington, D.C. to cost-share this sewer rehabilitation work with the City. These projects are part of a comprehensive strategy being developed by the City to restore Maidens Choice Run to the maximum extent practicable as required by the City's Municipal Stormwater permit. Presentation Keywords: urban aquatic ecosystem restoration; sewer system

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