2000 BES Abstracts

Forest Health Monitoring Protocols Applied to Roadside Trees in Maryland

Michael F. Galvin, Anne Buckelew Cumming, Robert J. Rabaglia , Jonathan Cumming, Dan Twardus

The Maryland Roadside Tree Law puts trees in all public road rights-of- way in the State of Maryland under the jurisdiction of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources-Forest Service. Passed in 1914, this law is one of the oldest tree conservation laws in the USA. However, little statistical data had ever been generated related to this resource. This paper provides a methodology for: data collection related to roadside trees; combination of GIS tools and application of assessment of road construction typical section to right-of-way determination, and; the application of USDA-Forest Service Forest Health Monitoring program protocols to roadside trees. The results of application of these procedures to six jurisdictions in Maryland's most heavily urbanized corridor are described.