Institute of Ecosystem Studies

2000 BES Abstracts

Watershed-Scale Network Analysis: Report on the Natural Resource Management Regime in the Gynns Falls Watershed

Shawn Dalton

Industrial and Extractive Activities in Gwynns Falls Riparian Areas: A Spatial and Temporal Sketch

Daniel Bain, Dr. Grace S. Brush

Water Quality Concentration, Loading and Yield along an Urban Rural Gradient in the Gwynns Falls Watershed.

Kenneth T. Belt, Peter M. Groffman, Peter, Lawrence E. Band, Gary Fisher, Gary T. Fisher, Mark Colosimo, and Karin Readel

BES Education: Partnerships with schools, neighborhoods and scientists

Alan R. Berkowitz and Vicki O. Fabiyi

An Examination of Toxic Releases and Population Characteristics in Baltimore City: A Case Study in Environmental Equity Research

Christopher Boone

Towards temporal and spatial modeling of the human ecosystem in the Gwynns Falls watershed, Baltimore, MD

Boumans R.M., R. Costanza, H. Voinov, A. Voinov, J Farley, F. Villa, M. Ceroni and T. Maxwell

A comparison of exotic and non-exotic plant populations in the Gwynns Falls riparian corridor

Grace S. Brush, Wayne C. Zipperer

Forest History in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study Area, 1906 - 1916

G. L. Buckley

Patch delimitation in the gauged catchments of the Gwynns Falls Watershed

Mary L. Cadenasso, Steward T. A. Pickett, and Wayne C. Zipperer

Native and Exotic Vines Competition During Urban and Rural Forest Gap Regeneration

Helen T. Dijkstra, Steward T.A. Pickett

Baseline hydrologic data collection in and near the Gwynns Falls watershed

Gary T. Fisher, P.E., Edward J. Doheny

Forest Health Monitoring Protocols Applied to Roadside Trees in Maryland

Michael F. Galvin, Anne Buckelew Cumming, Robert J. Rabaglia , Jonathan Cumming, Dan Twardus

Land use and soil nitrogen cycling

Peter Groffman, Candiss O. Williams, Richard V. Pouyat and Ian Yesilonis

A Review and Assessment of Land Use Change Models: dynamics of space, time, and human choice

J. Morgan Grove, Chetan Agarwal, Glen L. Green, Tom Evans, and Charles Schweik

The BES Reference Meteorological Station at McDonogh School

Gordon Heisler, Peter M. Groffman, Larry Band, Vicki Fabiyi,Gary T. Fisher, Nathan Forand, Richard H. Grant, Sue Grimmond, Martin Schmidt, Lynn Washlaski

Interactions amongst natural, engineered and human processes influencing the spatial and temporal variability of nitrate concentrations in the Gwynns Falls watershed.

Neely L. Law, Lawrence Band

Gwynns Falls Natural Resource Survey

Steven X. Lee

Exotic invertebrates in urban forest soils

Katalin Szlavecz, Elisabeth Hornung, Csaba Csuzdi, Zoltan Korsos

Diversity and abundance of earthworms in urban landscapes

Katalin Szlavecz, Rich Pouyat, Csaba Csuzdi, Mary Valentino

Internet Presence for BES

Jonathan Walsh, Charles Schweik

Species structure and composition of riparian habitats in the Gwynns Falls riparian corridor.

Wayne C. Zipperer, USDA Forest Service, and Grace Brush, Johns Hopkins University