Arctrcs - Arcview Transect Classification System (poster)


Digitized airphotos are a potentially rich source of high-resolution land use/land cover information for urban areas. Because they are digitized and can be consumed in a geographic information systems (GIS) environment, tools can be used that automate classification of these images to a great extent. In such a setup, the system's operator still makes all of the classification decisions, while the computer takes care of all of the tedious data tracking, optimising the sharing of work between operator and computer in such a computer-aided classification system. The ArcView Transect Classification System (ArcTrCS) is such a tool, implemented in the ArcView/Avenue development environment. ArcTrCS provides facilities for the laying out of transects using user specified parameters, and the classification of those transects into segments which identify a portion of the transect with some land use/land cover characteristic that the operator discerns. The transects and segment information is managed automatically by ArcTrCS, automating the more tedious aspects of the sampling and allowing the operator to concentrate on classification decisions. All of the classification's sampling results are stored in a digital format and environment suitable for automated quantitative/ statistical analysis.