The Mid-Atlantic Regional Earth Science Applications Center (RESAC) (poster)

PRINCE, STEVE, D., Scott J. Goetz, Megan Weiner, Sylvia Tognetti, Michelle M. Thawley, Andrew J. Smith

The mid-Atlantic Regional Earth Science Applications Center (RESAC) was established in the Geography Department at the University of Maryland (UMD) by NASA's Earth Science Applications Program. The mid-Atlantic RESAC is to provide improved land cover mapping and ecological modeling capabilities for a diverse consortium of partners in Government, Academia, Industry and NGOs within the 178,000 km2 Chesapeake Bay watershed. It is one of 7 regional centers established nationwide and leverages expertise in satellite remote sensing to address applications of regional significance including land cover change, land use planning, carbon exchange modeling, and integrated environmental monitoring. Examples of issues that are being addressed include nutrient runoff to the Chesapeake Bay, urban sprawl, farm and forest productivity, landscape fragmentation effects on biodiversity, a land manager decision support system, and educational outreach.