Cap Lter Historic Land Use Project (Phase II) (poster)

FRY, JANA, Justin Hoppmann, Eva Reid, and C. Scott Smith

The goal of the Phase II project is to collect and map time series data about land use on one square mile blocks. These blocks have to chosen to encompass 200 sites that will be sampled as part of an extensive survey in spring 2000. Initial historical land use map development has been carried out on 20 pilot study areas, using base data (township sections, roads, etc.), 1995 land use data from the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) and aerial photographs from Landiscor Aerial Information to create maps for 1995,1990, 1980, and 1970. Land use maps were created in ArcView 3.1 using 1995 MAG land use layer data, which was clipped based on township sections that include pilot study points. We then added a field to the attribute table of this shapefile, which we populated with the land use classifications adapted from the Anderson and MAG Classification Systems. Maps for 1990, 1980, and 1970 were developed from the 1995 maps and aerial photography by essentially building the maps backwards. For example, to create a map for 1990, we began with a copy of the 1995 shapefile and changed or aggregated polygons according to the land use identified in the aerial photograph(s) of that year.

The analysis of land use change in the CAP-LTER study area will produce transformation matrices that depict general trajectories for patterns of change. Transition sequences will be examined to see what patterns emerge in relation to a site's temporal and spatial orientation.