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Tree Canopy
Trees offer environmental, economic and social benefits in urban neighborhoods. They reduce heat island effect and storm water run-off and while increasing property values and community livability. A 2007 analysis of Baltimore's Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) by the USDA Forest Service and partners including Parks & People found a serious tree canopy deficiency in Baltimore at only 27 percent UTC. Based on this analysis, the City adopted a goal to increase the UTC to 40 percent by 2037. Parks & People helped to establish an implementation plan that includes a prioritization map and the creation of TreeBaltimore, a campaign charged with achieving the UTC goal. As a partner of TreeBaltimore, Parks & People participates in planning, outreach, education, training and marketing efforts. Additionally, it organizes and leads tree planting and tree care projects, planting thousands of trees each year with the help of community volunteers.