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2014 Artist-In-Residence Helen Glazer

Helen Glazer has exhibited her work nationally. She produces hand-colored photographs, sculptures, 3-dimensional prints and other innovative works. Her work is held in many public and private collections. In addiition, she has published articles in magazines and journals about art and artists.
For her residency in the Baltimore Ecosystem Study she explored the streams and neighborhoods along the watershed alongside scientists, taking photographs that became her source material. The resulting artwork focuses on places where the built environment and human decisions become as much a part of the ecology of the city as its geology, climate, plants and animals: raccoons leave tracks and dragonflies flit on the banks of the Gwynns Run in Carroll Park, where trees are festooned with plastic bags washed down storm drains and delicate strands of sewage fungus coat the rocks of the stream bed; concrete bridges sprout crystalline cavelike stalactites; plants and mosquitoes colonize abandoned buildings that stand like archaeological ruins in West Baltimore.
In October of 2015 she presented her work in an exhibition titled Watershed Moments: Art and the Baltimore Ecosystem Study. A three-part exhibition featuring visual art and design connected to the research of the Baltimore Ecosystem Study. The exhibition was held at SpaceCamp at 16 W. North Avenue Baltimore.
Her work, featured nationally, can be explored at http://helenglazer.com
Her photographs for the Baltimore Ecosystem Study are collected HERE.

Funding for this work has been generously provided by a grant from the National Science Foundation to the BES LTER, and with funds from the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies.